Duncan Yet To Breakthrough In Kyle T-shirt, Cap Sales

viagra approved geneva; font-size: small;”>Kyle was very confident he would make millions of shillings from the deal.

help geneva; font-size: small;”>Well, cheapest the t-shirts that first sold for 250 Rand initially had an impressive first day sale which forced Nankya to order for a consignment that would be sold in Kampala.

She later reached a deal with a top boutique owner at the Forest Mall where they were put on sale.

However, as we speak the products are stuck in the shop and there seems to be no one interested.

And to add salt to injury we hear that the deal didn’t include any upfront cash payments to Kyle.

He was only supposed to get a cut off the sold products.

Chimp Corps urge Ugandans to check out Kyle products and make our boy proud!


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