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Chopper Crash: Mother Of Fallen Soldier Blasts UPDF At Burial


check geneva; font-size: small;”>The burial took place in Dururuma village, health Rubirizi district.

Mary Nakitende the mother of S/Sgt. Ruhamata Mweshezi said this was her second son to die while serving in the army and the reward had just been the honors at the burial.

“Mweshezi had his brother in the army who also died sometime back. Ever since the army buried him with gunshots, there is nothing they have ever given me as a mother. It will be unfortunate if you stop at that,” Nakitende said on Tuesday during the burial her son. Mweshezi was among the seven soldiers who died when their chopper crashed in Mt. Kenya on their way to Somalia.

Nakitende said that her son joined the army at a young age and had spent most of his years in the forces.

She said that since the age of 15, she had never had enough time to physically talk with her son because of his busy schedule in the army.

Nakitende said that when she heard that there was a plane crash involving Ugandan soldiers, she got scared because her son had told her that he works in the air force section.

The area MP Benjamin Cadet Buturo said that it was wrong for UPDF to hold information without telling concerned relatives on time about the deaths.

He said that parliament expects a comprehensive report about the accident.

“It is very worrying to see that a country loses three fighter planes at once. As parliament we want to know why they took that route and who told them to take it,” Cadet said.

The chief mourner, Brig. Moses Rwakitarate said that what happened was an accident.

He said that people should stop speculating of what could have caused the crash.

“I was the one coordinating this mission and nobody should say that the choppers had technical problem. It was approved even by the African Union before they left. The pilots were the best even in Africa and very skilled in their work,” Rwakitarate said.

He said that it had rained in Kenya which could have made the weather a bit difficult for the pilots.


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