Uganda @50: Faith Organizations’ Focus On Economic Empowerment

information pills geneva; font-size: small;”>The group, led by their Chairperson, Dr. James Magara, briefed the President on the Biblical and historical origin and meaning of Jubilee Celebrations.

Referring to Biblical Scriptures from the Book of Leviticus, the Uganda Jubilee Network leaders informed the President that according to the Bible, Jubilee Celebrations coincide with the end of the 49th year of the birth of any nation or society and a was a year when nations had to thank God for His mercy, protection and the wealth they have had over time.

They said that according to Scriptures, Jubilee Celebrations were marked by repentance, reconciliation, the granting of freedom to slaves and prisoners, giving back to the poor, re-dedication of the nation to God and mass celebration and that Uganda should do the same to mark her jubilee.

Dr. Magara and his delegation said that their multi-religious organization started a nation-wide programme to mark and celebrate the Jubilee and said that their programme will incorporate the youth, women, the elderly, the political class, religious leaders, the business community and will also focus on economic empowerment of Ugandan citizens as a whole.

The President welcomed the proposal by the Uganda Jubilee Network to perform a number of events to mark the country’s independence jubilee and proposed that events to mark the events should be extended for 1 more year from the month of October 2012.

He expressed happiness that the religious sector was focused on the economic empowerment of the people.

“If members of your religious organization are economically empowered, then the nation is empowered and your work becomes easy”, he noted.

Museveni, therefore, encouraged them to incorporate household income generation and the fight against poverty which, he said, was the real salvation of the believers.


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