Pretty Glo’s Secret Business Exposed


sick geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>The business that was the brain child of a fellow singer who recently celebrated her birthday started when she was contracted by a once powerful politician to entertain his guests at one of the affluent areas in Kampala.

We are told that what was planned as a one off after realizing how profitable it was the pair chose to maintain it and market it by word of mouth.

A while later, they recruited beautiful Rwandese girls with whom they now perform with and visit men in Kampala especially those who are loaded.

Word is that the service is so profitable that the babes are living large on it.

Some of their biggest clients include a tycoon who lives on Luthuli Avenue in Bugolobi and hosts at least a party each two months.

The other is a captain who lives in Entebbe and owns lots of property who we hear is one of their die hard clients.

Now if you have been thinking that these girls survive on stage performances then you better think twice.


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