Museveni Tells US Congressman: We Need A US-Africa Summit To Boost Trade


mind geneva; font-size: small;”>“Whoever becomes the President of the United States of America, viagra should organize the USA-Africa Summit like America has done with India, website like this China, Europe, among others. It is only the USA-Africa Summit that has not been there,” he said.

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The President was meeting with the visiting American Congressman Senator Tim Wolgurg from the State of Michigan, who called on him at his country home in Rwakitura, Kiruhuura district over the weekend.

Museveni said the African Union Commission President could work with the US to organize the Summit so that America and Africa can discuss issues pertaining to market stimulation and consumption as well as boosting entrepreneurship aspects.

Museveni has for long been attributing lack of market for locally produced goods, high levels of unemployment and underdevelopment to a small regional market.

Museveni described the consumer as the first “King” and the entrepreneur the second “King” because the 2 are the primary players in business.

He noted that all other players in business, including government, are middle player facilitators.

Museveni said the US should note that the consumption rate in Western economies is going down while the opposite scenario is obtaining in Africa as the continent’s rate of consumption intensifies and expands.

He also stressed that Africa has got surplus capacity that needs to be converted into products to supply the world market.

Senator Tim Wolburg reported that America’s economy is struggling as exemplified by the fact that the cost of doing business in there is high.

He supported President Museveni’s suggestion for the convening of the US-Africa Summit so that trade between USA and Africa is developed further for the mutual benefit of each bloc.

He noted investments in Africa have the potential to grow because the continent’s labour force is industrious.

Senator Wolburg commended Museveni for his vanguard role and leadership in fighting against terrorism in the Horn of African country of Somalia.

He also lauded the role and the accomplishments of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) in stabilizing and promoting peace in Somalia.


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