The Truth: Why Demarco Concert At Lugogo Flopped


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doctor http://csrf.net/app/sf1.php geneva; font-size: small;”>There are not details about the cause of the incident but the government said the plane crashed due to harsh weather conditions in the outskirts of Talodi airport.

The Sudanese government is fighting a rebellion in the South Kordofan led by the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement North (SPLM-N) since June 2011.

The two parties are holding talks since last July in implementation of a roadmap prepared by the African Union mediation team endorsed by UN Security Council in its resolution 2046.

Talks are expected to resume during the last week of August after the signing of a humanitarian agreement to distribute food to the affected civilians in the rebel held areas.

site http://cdcsmiles.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/functions.php geneva;”>Tickets to his concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala on Saturday were expected to sell out within weeks.

http://crewchiefpro.com/wp-content/themes/agency-pro/page_landing.php geneva;”>But it appears the show turned into Demarco’s tears – with thousands of tickets UNSOLD for last night’s gig.

Revelers said the show, organized by Dr. Mitch Egwang’s Eclipse, an events promotion group, suffered a fatal lack of attraction.

While it was widely held that the Jamaican star of the “Duppy Know Ah Who Fi Frighten” hit fame would pull crowds, his fans were reluctant to shell out to see Demarco, who was flanked by Kenya’s Madtraxx and Wayne Wonder.

Such was the response that the VIP section remained almost empty by midnight. The sight of the better part of the VIP wing was heartbreaking.

The VIP tickets were offered at Shs120,000. Fans complained that ticket prices were too high, considering the harsh economic times the country is facing.

The entire Lugogo Cricket Oval was half-full despite massive campaigns on Kfm radio station, NTV and city billboards.

By 11:00pm, there were still over 1,000 empty seats in the VIP and there was no much improvement by 2am when the gig came to a close.

Many attribute the meltdown to a downpour that hit Kampala just hours before the concert.

But experienced promoters told Chimp Corps that singer Jose Chameleone’s recent Valu Valu Concert was a mega success despite intermittent showers that preceded it.

The low turn up did not only affect the organizers of the concert but also beer and food vendors who had expected to pocket millions of shillings from sale of foodstuffs to an anticipated mammoth gathering at the event.

So what went wrong?

Chimp Entertainment experts say Nation Media Group’s (NMG) marketing strategy was bound to fail as the concert promotion was being done by only the media conglomerate’s subsidiaries.

Most adverts aimed at marketing the show were run by KFM, NTV and Daily Monitor.

The organizers of the show did not reach out to other influential media houses like Vision Group to give a hand.

The second reason is that the timing of the concert was also not well thought out.

Considering that the better part of Demarco’s fans are ladies, the gig should have been held at least after the return of University students – who are now in holidays in the rural areas.

University girls form the bulk of social nightspots’ customer base.

The third reason why the show flopped was that Demarco became too “Ugandan” thus losing his magical appeal.

For example, during his stay in Kampala, Demarco went partying at Cayenne Bar and Restaurant in Bukoto and Boda Boda at Garden City, where he mixed freely with Kampala’s party animals.

At sometimes, his aides would be seen picking phone calls of girls at the nightspots which Demarco visited, to connect them to the Jamaican singer for reasons well known to them.

Matters were worsened on Thursday night when Demarco’s libido went high, forcing him to publicly get touchy with skimpily-dressed girls at Kampala Sheraton Hotel.

Demarco’s conduct did not only shock dozens who were relaxing at Equator Bar of Sheraton but also cheapened his brand.

So while radios were heaping praises on him, Demarco was not behaving differently from local singers such as Coco Finger.

“It was just pomp. The guy must be Jamaica’s Mega Dee. I saw him at Cayenne jumping up and down with girls and I was like I cannot pay Shs120, 000 for his concert. There is nothing magical about him,” observed Viola, one of the singer’s frustrated fans.

Meanwhile, local artistes Omulangira Ssuna, Grace Nakimera, Ragga Dee and Lilian Mbabazi gave it their all to light up the faces of a bored crowd – which bore the brunt of a drizzle and wintriness at Lugogo to have a glimpse of Demarco.

The performances of “Make You Dance” star Keko Town and Jackie Chandiru temporarily restored hopes that revelers had not completely lost their value for money.

Bobi Wine and Navio later jumped onto the stage at around 1am when the revelers had totally been worn out. His lackluster performance was nothing but an attempt to rub salt in the wounds of “injured” revelers.

Then, preceded with the firing of fireworks, Madraxx’s turn came and his “Get Down” lyric thrilled the crowd, which danced alongside the Kenyan singer.

His amazing strokes and backup dancers were a force to reckon.

Sound sytem breaks down

Wayne Wonder tried in vain to excite the crowd with old songs before Demarco stormed the stage. After waiting for this moment for over 6 hours, fans were disturbed by news that the sound system had broken down.

The sound system was the last straw that broke Demarco’s back – it not only poor but irritating.

While Demarco stayed on the stage not to disappoint his fans, the sound emitted by Mitch’s machines was the last thing any international artiste could bear.

Most revelers stormed out of the concert before the show ended. They were crestfallen.


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