Janet Hails Italians For Developmental Projects In Uganda

try information pills geneva; font-size: small;”>Janet said the world has become a village where everyone has a duty to serve all for the good of all.

visit web geneva;”>“I thank you for all you have done for the people of Uganda. All of us are building the global village and we have to break the barriers that separate nations so that everybody feels that sense of belonging. Only then will the world truly become The Global Village we talk so often about”, she said.

The First Lady was meeting an Italian delegation that called on her at State House, Nakasero on Thursday.

Janet, who hailed the team for the good work done by Italians in Uganda, noted that their being in Uganda would go a long way in helping them learn more about Africa.

She, therefore, extended an invitation to them to come to her constituency of Ruhaama adding that she is looking forward to working with them to improve further the community’s health related challenges.

Janet and her visitors also discussed a wide range of bilateral issues that affect Uganda and Italy.

The Italian Ambassador to Uganda, Mr. Stefano A. Dejak saluted the First Lady for the gesture and her hard work.

He said that the mode of relationship that obtains between Uganda and Italy shows that there is strong State to State co-operation between the 2 countries.

Rev. Fr. John Scalabrini, who heads Benedict Medical Centre in Luzira, Kampala, assured the First Lady that the Italian community is committed to serving the people of Uganda.

He reported that Benedict Medical Centre, which he founded, is a non-profit hospital that provides the lowest cost to the people who seek medical treatment there. He also reported that Mukono-based Bishop Cyprian Kihangire Primary School is another project that is all out to provide education to as many young people as possible.


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