Police: We Quizzed Swangz Avenue MD Over Singer Sera’s Death

ambulance geneva; font-size: small;”>Swangz Avenue boss Julius Kyazze was arrested on Tuesday and interrogated by detectives for a marathon ten hours over the suspected poisoning of the “Contagious” hit star.

ampoule geneva;”>Kampala police spokesperson Ibin Ssenkumbi has confirmed to us that Kyazze was yesterday released on bond and will be turning up at the Central Police Station for quizzing.

approved geneva;”>Asked which charges Kyazze faced, Ssenkumbi said any legal action against the Swangz Avenue director would be determined by investigations into the matter.

“Yes, Kyazze was being interrogated here at CPS over Sera’s death. The investigations are ongoing and will form the basis of any future action against him,” Ssenkumbi told our news desk on Wednesday afternoon.

Detectives told this investigative new website that if implicated, Kyazze could face charges of murder.

Police are also investigating reports that the postmortem report of Sera’s body was altered by some officials at Swangz Avenue where Sera was signed as a musician.

Sera was reportedly in company of Kyazze, his alleged boyfriend, on the morning of July 31 before she traveled to Masaka for burial.

She, however, collapsed and died of what Swangz Avenue said was a “peptic ulcer attack.”

Unconvinced, Sera’s friends complained to police that the superstar’s life was not cut short by a peptic ulcer attack as earlier thought but poisoning.

Sera’s tragic death ripped apart the hearts of music fans who viewed the 21-year-old as Uganda’s Madonna.

The beautiful young singer was lauded by other vocalists for her impeccable technique and polish, qualities that elevated her above almost every other star of her generation.

Gorgeous Sera’s talent had been quickly spotted by Swangz Avenue who trained and perfected her abilities.

Her voice also lent itself to R&B, pop and ballads, and she was adept at each style.

Sources at CPS said they considered Kyazze a “prime suspect in a case of murder.”

The latest development could shed more light on what really killed Sera.

Few singers of her young age have been gifted with a voice as glorious as Sera’s.

Her close friends said she had put everything into efforts to shine and hold the candle of hope for the young and prospective musicians.

Sera’s tragic and untimely death in her early twenties sent her thrilling album “Contagious,” back into the charts, and confirmed her music as the best of her time.

Music fans have expressed desire to know the real truth of what happened on July 31, the day beautiful Sarah died.

Swangz Avenue has vehemently denied having a hand in the death of the music icon.

“As we continue to mourn the death our sister, friend and artist Sera who passed away last week, we would like thank everyone who comforted us, offered moral and financial support during the last couple of days. We are deeply indebted to you,” the music label said in a statement last week.

“A lot of speculation has been going on about the cause of death of our artist and we understand the public frustration of failing to establish the true cause of her death but we are more frustrated than so many people can imagine.”

Swangz Avenue added: “We trust that the medical personnel at Mulago will end our frustration with a conclusive postmortem report very soon as promised. We are hopeful that this report will offer answers to glaring questions. However, should we still fail to find answers, we shall engage other relevant authorities to help us fill in the gaps.” will keep you updated on the police investigations into Sera’s death.


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