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Congo Rebels: UN Plans To Release Another Dossier On Rwanda


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According to the statement, Rwanda, although not consulted (yet again) prior to its release, has been provided a copy of this new update.

Rwanda authorities say the Group, chaired by Steven Hege, was not expected to produce another report until October, “and its appearance at this juncture makes sense only as a tactical manoeuvre aimed at changing the subject from questions surrounding Mr Hege’s FDLR sympathies and glaring errors uncovered in the previous findings.”

“It is fair to expect that calls for Mr Hege to step aside will increase in volume and frequency over coming days, and not just from Rwanda. Refusal to contemplate anything other than the worst of Rwanda appears to lie behind GoE’s flawed methodology,” the statement further read.

“The new report contains a number of specific allegations about RDF troop movements that Rwandan officials had heard were being fabricated and shopped around by a unit of FARDC intelligence based in Goma,” the statement reads.


The Group last month authored a controversial report, accusing Rwanda of supporting M23 rebels in Congo with military logistics, allegations that rattled the Great Lakes Region.

Rwanda vehemently denied the allegations though countries like United States, Germany and Britain cut aid over basing on the contested UN findings.

The report comes at a time when members of the United Democratic Forces (UDF) party and the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) are planning to travel to The Hague on Friday to ask the court to investigate claims that President Paul Kagame’s government is recruiting and arming the rebels in an attempt to annex the DRC’s Kivu provinces.

And quite interestingly, the UN report also comes hardly a week when Great Lakes leaders met in Kampala to find solutions to the crisis.

Since last week’s meeting, where presidents agreed that all efforts should be geared towards putting an end to the fighting in Congo to allow for consolidation of peace, security and stability, the clashes have stopped.

In a meeting chaired by Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni, the leaders also agreed to mandate a subcommittee to also provide details on the operationalization of the neutral International Force; and setting up a Trust Fund to support victims of the humanitarian crisis in Eastern DRC and neighbouring countries.

It’s yet unclear whether UN experts are attempting to undermine the efforts of Great Lakes leaders to restore peace and sanity in Eastern Congo.

Among the update’s allegations are that Group members witnessed fresh graves during a recent site visit at Kanombe military barracks (which houses a cemetery).

But Rwanda authorities say this perfectly encapsulates the fundamental problem with the GoE’s approach to its mission.

“Even though there are any number of possible explanations for the existence of freshly dug graves at a cemetery (soldiers and veterans pass away due to a variety of causes), in the mind of these experts it can mean only one thing: these are the casualties of an illegal war in the eastern DRC,” reads part of the statement.

“Because this is what they want to believe. This is an extreme case of what psychologists call confirmation bias — and it has corrupted the Group’s efforts from the outset. Whereas they should allow the facts lead them to empirically sound conclusions, they are instead retrofitting whatever data points they can find to bolster the pre-approved storyline.”

Rwanda says this desire to embrace any element that helps cast Rwanda as villain also leads to unforgivable sloppiness.

“Time and again, the Group fails to undertake simple verification for its claims. For example, this latest update contains what the Group claims is an RDF military ID taken from a Rwandan national caught in the DRC. The ID is not only a forgery, it is transparently so.”

The report also contains a photograph of what is said to be an RDF uniform laid on the ground.

It is allegedly from a deceased soldier on the DRC side of the border, which Rwanda says once again proves the Group’s theories.

“There are multiple problems with this: firstly, there have been a significant number of RDF troops in the DRC since 2009 until very recently conducting joint operations with the FARDC,” reads the statement.

“They all had uniforms in their possession — and thus, it’s mere existence proves nothing. Secondly, each RDF uniform contains unique identifiers: the soldier’s name, rank and serial number. Why is this not provided? It would greatly clarify matters and confirm whether the allegedly deceased soldier was indeed in the DRC illegal. Withholding these vital details makes this so-called evidence extremely hollow indeed.”

Rwanda authorities say “it is fair to expect that calls for Mr Hege to step aside will increase in volume and frequency over coming days, and not just from Rwanda.”

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