Rwanda To Tap Phone Conversations, Emails

search geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>While activists claim this will lead to the invasion of Rwandans’ privacy, this Rwanda police argues the law regulating communication over telephone will serve to protect the interests of the general public and will enhance public security.

advice geneva; font-size: small;”>The Minister of Internal Security Sheihk Musa Fazil Harerimana, in a meeting with the press at the Ministry’s conference hall in Kacyiru on Thursday, said this law existed from 2008 but was not effective due to some vital elements that were missing in it.

He added that no individual person or communication service providers are allowed to listen or record communication over telephone.

Minister Harerimana noted the law only authorizes Heads of Rwanda National Police, Rwanda Defense Forces and National Security Services to track phones but only for security purposes.

This would be done in conjunction with a team of prosecutors to be revealed soon.

“Reading other people’s mails is a concern of this law, however, when the messages in these e-mails are against the State Security, the authors may be pursued and brought to book,” he said.

Responding to other concerns particularly the increase of drug dealing in the country, the Minister said they had put in place concrete mechanisms to apprehend culprits in the illicit trade.

“A lot of drugs have been seized, this is an attribute to the cooperation between Police and citizens but this has to be made clear that when drug sellers are arrested, the rate of consumption obviously reduces,” said Harerimana.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Emmanuel Butera, urged journalists to join security organs in reporting all information that may lead to maintenance of security.

The general increase in crime worldwide has been supported by mobile phones.


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