Besigye Reveals Post-Museveni Plans


recipe geneva; font-size: small;”>“FDC is now pre-occupied with putting in place measures of managing and controlling the collapse of President Museveni and his regime. NRM is now in a freefall, ” said Besigye.

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“What we are seeing now is that people are trying to remove this tired military regime. People are now looking for the fastest and non-violent way of ousting the regime so we have to prepare for its collapse,” Museveni’s former physician said.

Besigye was on Thursday night speaking during a political programme Hot Seat at Kfm radio in Kampala.

The opposition leader cited the increasing desperation and frustration among Ugandans as the lead factor in the expedition of NRM’s collapse.

He further stated that NRM is facing “internal irreconcilable differences” that are tearing the party apart.

“We shall try to minimize the turbulence after Museveni has fallen. If Museveni is out of power, NRM cannot even last for one day. Where ever you go u hear song of Walukaga “Abantu Bakoowo” being played like a national anthem,” said Besigye.

“When Museveni has fallen, we shall build institutions to engender development of the country,” he noted.

Besigye said up to now he has no respect for the government because it rigged its way into power in 2011.

He also chided NRM Secretary General Amama Mbabazi, saying the latter’s hopes of succeeding Museveni have been shattered by the President’s recent remarks that he is yet to see a visionary leader to run the country.

“There can never be a succession queue in NRM. Even Mbabazi who said I jumped the queue can now see there is no succession plan or strategy in NRM,” said Besigye.


He accused Museveni of destroying all institutions in the country to entrench what he termed as a “dictatorship.”

“Museveni cannot allow any institution to be stronger than him. Even a stronger NRM is what Museveni does not want because it would oust him. NRM has failed to manage internal problems. But our issue is mismanaging the country,” added Besigye.

On whether he would contest in the 2016 presidential elections, Besigye said he could rule himself out, arguing he reserved a right to participate in any election.

The FDC leader said Museveni has now reached the extent of fearing to stand for an election.

“What I am seeing now is that Museveni might fear to seek re-election because people are now avoiding him like a plague. Wherever he goes he moves in helicopters, convoys of army men, promises new districts and gives money. But people eat the money and don’t vote for his candidates,” said Besigye.

“Museveni is now a liability to NRM,” cautioned the opposition ironman.


On the recently-concluded Kasese district woman by-election in which the FDC candidate Winfred Kiiza emerged victorious, Besigye said “without doubt, every struggle makes a contribution to restoring democracy.”

Besigye said the NRM loss in Kasese is evidence that the 2011 presidential election outcome was rigged by NRM. He also blamed the loss on NRM’s failure to revamp the Kasese irrigation scheme and railway network in the region.

He said opposition have to work tooth and nail to win every election because “whatever dictatorship you have, it will always try to have some legitimacy.”

He emphasized NRM’s money used to bribe voters is no longer helpful as “people eat it and shun the ruling party.”

The FDC president said his party has better capacity to police by-elections than a national election where its manpower and resources are overstretched.

“In a by-election, we are able to mobilize resources and leaders to protect our votes. There is no multi-party dispensation in Uganda. NRM is not a political party but a state. We are competing against state of Uganda including the EC which is part of the problem,” said Besigye.

Besigye said if there were free and fair elections in 2011, opposition would be in control of Parliament today.

On FDC’s financial problems, Besigye said people don’t give FDC money because of fear of state reprisals.

Reacting to questions on the internal bickering within FDC, Besigye said it was “the duty of the state to disorganize the opposition,” adding, “Intelligence services are pre-occupied with dismembering opposition.”

“It’s not easy to build stable structures of opposition. Members are blackmailed, harassed or bought off by the state,” said Besigye.

The FDC firebrand also announced he would soon reveal the next course of action against IGP Lt. Gen. Kale Kayihura and Electoral Commission boss Eng. Badru Kiggundu.

“I invite the country to interrogate state institutions like EC that mismanages elections (presidential, parliamentary). The country should say no. We can’t pay a salary to Kayihura, buy him a uniform and medals to put on shoulders and messes us around,” warned Besigye.

He said security of elections is a preserve of Electoral Commission not police.

“If I am from Arua why shouldn’t I be in Kasese on polling day?” wondered Besigye, referring to arrests made during the Kasese by-elections.

Kayihura said he did not want FDC vigilantes from other parts of the country in Kasese on the polling day.

He also rebuked Museveni for donning military attire at public functions yet he was a retired military officer.

“When Museveni is facing problems, he puts on army attire to intimidate people. The other day he was at Makerere launching something in military uniform,” said Besigye.

On FDC presidential nominations that start today Friday at FDC headquarters, Besigye said he was not willing to endorse anyone for the seat.

“I am not endorsing any FDC presidential candidate because it would be unfair. I have respect for all of them and they are not new to deserve that,” said Besigye.

MP Geoffrey Ekanya and leader of opposition in Parliament Nandala Mafabi are expected to submit their nominations forms today.

Secretary for mobilization Mugisha Muntu will be nominated on Saturday.


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