Sera's Postmortem Report Stuck At Mulago


sale http://daiviet.us/wp-includes/class-wp-comment.php geneva; font-size: small;”>According to the music label under which Sera was signed, http://changescale.org/wp-includes/date.php part of a conclusive postmortem report into the young star’s death is yet to be released by the medical personnel of Mulago hospital.

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There is a growing speculation that Sera was poisoned. Another conspiracy theory is that she succumbed to overdose of illicit drugs.

However, what remains official is that she died of ulcers. But the buzz has threatened to rip apart the brand of the prestigious Swangz Avenue.

Well known for her chartbuster “Contagious,” Sera, reportedly succumbed to ulcers attack as she travelled to Masaka for burial, an untimely death that shocked the nation.

Heartbroken Ugandans then took to Twitter and Facebook and credited the superstar singer as the shinning ‘pop diva’, whose compelling talent was cut short by a treatable stomach pain.

The beautiful young singer was lauded by other vocalists for her impeccable technique and polish, qualities that elevated her above almost every other star of her generation.

Few singers of her young age have been gifted with a voice as glorious as Sera’s and even fewer have treated their talent with the frustrating indifference she did toward the end of her life.

Music fans have expressed desire to know the real truth of what happened on July 31, the day beautiful Sarah died.

Below is the official statement from Swangz Avenue:

As we continue to mourn the death our sister, friend and artist Sera who passed away last week, we would like thank everyone who comforted us, offered moral and financial support during the last couple of days. We are deeply indebted to you.

A lot of speculation has been going on about the cause of death of our artist and we understand the public frustration of failing to establish the true cause of her death but we are more frustrated than so many people can imagine.

We trust that the medical personnel at Mulago will end our frustration with a conclusive postmortem report very soon as promised.

We are hopeful that this report will offer answers to glaring questions. However, should we still fail to find answers, we shall engage other relevant authorities to help us fill in the gaps.

Losing a young great talent has been so hard for us to accept but even harder to accept are the continued wrong reports surrounding the events leading to her death.

We acknowledge and appreciate the love shown by Swangz Avenue and Sera’s fans and we intend to share with you any news as regards to our fallen talent.

In the meantime, we want to kindly ask some sections of the public to respect the feelings of the people who worked with Sera at Swangz, her friends and her family.

Thank you.

Swangz Avenue



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