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DEVELOPING STORY: Tycoon Kirumira Collapses At CID


more about geneva; font-size: small;”>9:30am: Detectives say Kirumira is now being interrogated for using his savings account in Bank of Baroda to facilitate the transfer of Shs190m which was stolen by a top public official from western Uganda.

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treatment geneva;”>Sources say the public servant who reportedly stole the funds from Kiruhura district has been under investigations for several other cases of fraud and financial mismanagement.

information pills geneva;”>Detectives further noted the “well-connected” government official was conniving with bureaucrats in the treasury at the Ministry of Finance to share looted public funds.

This could be the latest corruption scandal involving public servants and city business men as police stretches its long arm to crack down on thieving public servants.

Police spokesperson Simon Kuteesa and his deputy Emilian Kayima told they were busy in a meeting while Kampala metropolitan police publicist asked our news desk to check with him in the next forty minutes for details of the case.

CID boss Grace Akullo’s cell phone number was busy.

More details to follow


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