Journalist Ouma Bwire Sued By Somali For Internet Defamation

viagra buy geneva; font-size: small;”>In the first few days of August 2012, cheapest Kenya defense forces have been conducting strategic reconnaissance on the port city and last Al-Qaeda allied Al-Shabaab stronghold of Kismayo

Initial intelligence reports projected 3rd of August as primary in logistics and troop deployment by Kenya to bring down the last stronghold of the Al-Qaeda backed Al-Shabaab.

On the sea, Strategic Intelligence confirmed movement of three Kenya Navy vessels and their strategic direction towards Somalia.

Kenya navy wing of KDF has armed warships which are now past Burgavo, a strategic sea-town once controlled by Al-Shabaab but taken by KDF.

Special Operations by different types of fighter jets has been confirmed by intelligence sources where Strategic Intelligence defines these air defense assets as ‘fast, capable of ground attack missions, and able to avoid low level anti-aircraft defenses.

Strategic Intelligence further defines them as ground-attack aircraft whose primary role is attacking targets on the ground with greater precision than strategic bombers. Ground Attack bombers are designed to weather stronger low-level air defenses and are ideal for close air support on the main battlefield.

These jets have been conducting surveillance missions in Kismayo where they have gathered intelligence on both positions and strategic defense assets of the Al-Shabaab in the port city of Kismayu.

Wajir Airbase activity and new troop and equipment movement toward the border with Somalia confirms KDF strategic movement with a strong bias to the Somali operation.

seek geneva; font-size: small;”>“For over five years since he lost the position of Secretary General of the Eastern Africa Journalists Association (EAJA) in 2007, order Mr. Stephen Ouma Bwire has subjected the leadership of EAJA, particularly his successor Mr. Omar Faruk Osman, a famous Somali journalist with an international reputation as a leading press freedom campaigner, to ‘the most vicious calumny’ on the Internet; but Mr. Omar Faruk Osman never complained and never sued,” Osman said Monday in a statement issued by his lawyer Isaac Kimaze Ssemakadde.

In a High Court Civil Suit No. 234 of 2012 which has been allocated to Justice Elizabeth Musoke, Osman, who is also the Secretary General of the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) and President of the Federation of African Journalists (FAJ), says he has finally been forced to sue because he could no longer allow Ouma to continue publishing defamatory allegations against him with impunity.

“Ouma was repeatedly requested to use formal channels to address his concerns, but he deliberately set out to peddle the worst lies on the Internet against me and other officials of EAJA, FAJ and our mother organization, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ),” the statement read.

“I wish Ouma had been restrained by UJU from tarnishing the reputation of fellow journalists in the region.”

Osman said it was “unfortunate that we must go to court ourselves to stop Ouma from peddling any more lies.”

Ouma was not readily available for comment and UJU is suspected to have closed shop.

According to the documents filed in court, Ouma was officially suspended from the honorary position of EAJA Advisor on 28 February 2011 for making defamatory statements against his professional colleagues, among other charges.

However, he reportedly continued to publish similar allegations.

Now Ouma has been given 15 days to defend himself in the High Court of Uganda or else the case shall proceed and judgment will be given in his absence.

Kimaze said: “This suit may have far-reaching implications for the other officials of UJU for whom Mr. Ouma purportedly spoke when he made the defamatory statements complained of.”

“However, my instructions for the time being are to recover both compensatory and punitive damages, interest, a permanent injunction and costs of the suit against UJU’s secretary general Stephen Ouma Bwire only,” said Kimaze.

“It is for UJU to decide what they want to do with Ouma, and they must do so quickly to reassure other similarly affected individuals and organisations that Mr. Ouma was not acting on their behalf,” Kimaze further explained.

“I can confirm that IFJ has already decided to seek legal advice with a view to take legal action against the Uganda Journalists Union and its leaders or other members who have previously published defamatory allegations against IFJ and its officials,” Kimaze revealed.

Osman is a member of the IFJ Executive Committee.

In March 2012, UJU was expelled from IFJ for non-payment of fees. In May 2012, UJU was also expelled from FAJ for the same reason.


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