Exclusive: Anne Mugisha’s Defection Sparks Fury In UPDF


this web geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Some army officers are infuriated, saying President Yoweri Museveni made a huge mistake of recommending Mugisha for a United Nations job in Somalia where Uganda soldiers, that she once “desecrated,” are shedding blood.

“To me this is the biggest insult NRM supporters have ever endured. This two faced opportunist Anne has orchestrated and sustained a campaign against our security services for over a long period of time,” an incensed soldier says in a letter to editor.

“She (Mugisha) has stumped, spat, basically desecrated the same force that has brought peace to Somalia,” writes the soldier, who only identifies himself as James.

Dozens of Ugandan soldiers under AMISOM have been killed by Somali insurgents in the war-torn country.

Anne Mugisha on April 30 wrote to Museveni seeking her endorsement for the highly competitive job.

“My decision to join United Nations is also motivated by personal reasons to care for an invalid child with a debilitating condition that needs constant and expensive treatment and therefore- good insurance which the UN can provide,” wrote Mugisha.

“I am putting an end to twelve years of opposition activism in order to concentrate on building a career with the UN and this position in UNPOS offers an invaluable entry point,” Mugisha added.

Museveni later facilitated her get the fatty job.

Below is a letter from an aggrieved soldier in the UPDF.

Dear Ugandans

I feel aggrieved by the recent letter from Anne Mugisha to President Museveni requesting for assistance/recommendation for a job with the UN in Somalia.

To me this is the biggest insult NRM supporters have ever endured. This two faced opportunist Anne has orchestrated and sustained a campaign against our security services for over a long period of time.

She has stumped, spat, basically desecrated the same force that has brought peace to Somalia. The following are some of the venomous statements that she has made.

1. ‘’Defence is looking to increase their expenditure, but when UPDF when to Garamba to fight Kony, they came back with jerrycans. This money will end up in someone’s pocket.

2. ‘’UPDF is in Somalia to serve the interests of their master America.’’

3. ‘’I wonder if the sniggering army chiefs are trapped in a time warp, an illusion that they have a role to play in Uganda’s military and political affairs under the Movement government, other than falling in line or preparing for a long season of poverty and neglect on a ‘katebe.’ Even to the civilian observer it is obvious that President Museveni’s appointments, deployments and promotions in the UPDF are emphasizing the ‘skip level’ style of management.’’

4. ‘’President Museveni kept the Congo mission a secret from senior military officers in order to fulfill his ulterior motive of parading Muhoozi Kainerugaba as the army officer who finally snuffed out Joseph Kony.’’

5. ‘’However, that is not necessarily our Commander-in-Chief’s management style. In his case there seems to be a deliberate effort to thwart the rise of overly ambitious senior officers who do not recognise that there can only be ‘one Commander-in-Chief at a time’ and he alone will name his successor at his own leisure. The skip level engagement in the UPDF is meant to further undermine the deteriorating influence of senior officers who are likely to challenge the heir apparent while increasing that of younger officers, comrades of the younger Kaguta’’.

6. ‘’So there seems to be only one real challenge that the President has to complete before formally announcing his succession plans, and that is to prove to the officers and men of the UPDF; and the rest of us civilians that the chosen one is a man of steel, a daring war hero worthy of his father’s place’’.

7. ‘’ There are those who say we shall crush them and how I wish we could. In northern Uganda we learnt that brute force does not always ‘crush’ terrorists and that they remain alive long enough to spread their terror and paralyse communities. If we could not crush the ones on home territory where the army resides and has the advantages of local terrain and community support, how will we crush terrorists that live on their own terrain and have their community’s support?’’

8. Now is a time for grieving but it is also the time to say this: We were wrong on Somalia and we are wrong to react in the traditional way to a new and unconventional problem. This is not a time to blame nor is it a time to seek political justification with hindsight.

It is a time to correct our mistakes.

9. ‘’police officers have been promoted so that they can catch otunnu. Hahahaha’’

The above are a fraction of her rants against UPDF and Museveni, and for that I question this woman’s intentions right from the beginning of her political career, I wonder if such statement were made genuinely or because she was simply disgruntled like many of her colleagues at the FDC?

What is clear is that Anne has held the same force that has provided peace for her to insult it in Uganda in contempt, the same force that is going to provide her with a job so that she can feed her children who have been on welfare in the US for almost a decade.

My friend who was part of the UPDF that attacked Garamba, was subsequently injured in Mogadishu fighting these terrorists that Anne glorified instead of our gallant forces.

She even had the liberty of insulting the pan africanism spirit of Ugandans, the same spirit that has cost our soldiers lives and body parts by calling it ‘’serving the clientele’s interests’’ meaning USA.

She gloated and barked in unison with those who accused NRA of atrocities in Luwero by saying, ‘’it is an open secret, NRA murdered people in Luwero to gain support’’.

I am not sure if the President intends to give her the requested recommendation, however I say doing such will be an insult to the men and women who have lost their lives protecting this country, in Uganda and abroad, it is an insult to us NRM supporters who have spent their precious time and resources trying to fight the negative effects of opportunists like Anne.

Knowing Museveni, I would not be surprised if he has recommended her for that job in the spirit of ‘reconciliation’.

It is times like these I wish I were deployed in Somalia, I would cleanse the spirit of our forces by doing the worst.

How I wish someone does the honors on my behalf. My other heart tells me to let her live as evidence of the emptiness of the FDC.


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