Museveni: I Have Not Seen My Successor


recipe geneva; font-size: small; background-color: white; line-height: 15.6pt;”>“Some people just shout Museveni agende (Museveni must go). I would not have any problem with relinquishing power but those who want to replace me do not share my ideology, sales ” said Museveni.

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online geneva; color: #333333;”>“Whenever I see that these people lack a clear ideology, I say, oh, let me wait,” he added.

Museveni, who has ruled Uganda since 1986, made the remarks Thursday at State House, Entebbe.

during a meeting with NRM officials from Buganda region that mobilized support for his 2011 presidential candidature.

Museveni has since been under pressure to step down to allow a smooth and peaceful transition of power.

“I would have retired long time ago to my farm in Rwakitura. But I will not leave until I have identified someone who is consistent, focused and with a vision to transform this country,” said Museveni, sending his audience into rib-cracking laughter.

“These people who say Museveni agende make me wonder. I just look at them and I get worried of the direction they will take this great country. I can tell you those who come to me saying they can make a good president are yet to prove to me that they have potential,” he further noted.

“I don’t even look at someone’s religion or tribe when identifying a leader. For one to be classified a good leader, one must focus on four key ideologies which are nationalism, patriotism, pan Africanism and promotion of social economic transformation and democracy,” said Museveni.

“I have not seen anyone with these qualities to drive this ‘vehicle’ called Uganda,” said the President.

Observers say Museveni’s failure to identify a successor could position a stable Uganda for political turmoil in future.

The remarks also confirm reports that Museveni will stand for President in 2016.

In a related development, Museveni told Buganda leaders led by Abdu Nadduli, he intends to appoint another secretary general to complement the work of Amama Mbabazi, whose responsibility as premier does not allow me concentrate on party activities.

“I am planning to appoint a substantive full-time party secretary-general because the NRM is losing many by-elections. This is happening because we lack of a committed secretary general,” said Museveni.

“All this confusion and weaknesses in the recent by-election were as a result of lack of commitment and dedication by the secretary general. We need someone who is not too busy for NRM work,” added Museveni.

This is the first time Museveni is opening up on calls by NRM leaders that Mbabazi steps down as Secretary General considering that he is so busy with government business.

“My problem is that a secretary general is elected by the National Council, but as of now, I have no funds to call the council. I am trying to organise it next year, but in the meantime, I will appoint a substantive secretary-general, who would use a different name, but who will concentrate on the affairs of the party,” he noted.


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