INTERVIEW: Model Eva Mbabazi To Hit The Ugandan Scene Again


case sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; line-height: 115%;”>Growing up, Eva had a hard time and all her memories as a child are related to war and suffering but despite this, she is still grateful that she grew up in a Christian family.

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”I am blessed to have been brought up in a Godly family, “she explains.

Eva was raised by her late father Isaac Newton Muwanga and her mother Joyce Kibisi Barnet.

She has two brothers and two sisters but lost one of her siblings a few years back.

Eva went to the famous city school Kampala Parents for her primary education and Kinyasano Girls’ High School and Bugonga girls for her secondary education.

Later on Eva went to Carlton Beauty Institute in England.

Apart from walking the run way and being a super model, Eva too is a beauty therapist, a model trainer, an actress and greatest of all a mother.

So who inspires this runway beauty? “I get my greatest inspiration from the queen of England and my mother,” she says.

Eva’s modeling career became big in the 1998 while she was in Germany.

When it comes to leisure, Eva loves cooking, watching movies and spending time with her family. Eva also loves going to shopping malls, parks and sightseeing.


Eva still thinks there is a lot that could be changed about the modeling industry but the most pressing is the poor pay and exploitation. She also thinks that modeling is not treated seriously.

“Models should be treated as equals just like any other profession,” she adds.

Eva would also like to be remembered as a person who revolutionized the modeling industry.

Eva Mbabazi is also close friends with Miss Uganda’s Brenda Nanyonjo. “We were friends growing up and socialized together,” she adds.

Just like any other profession, modeling too has its challenges. People still look at modeling as prostitution and do not value it.

Despite this negative attitude to Eva’s profession, she is glad she has been able to change a few people’s perspective. This is her greatest achievement yet.

Eva’s future plans involve advocating for orphans and women not only in Uganda but across the globe.

Eva also sees her agency growing in the next fives and helping other young models. Something she is very passionate about. She is also excited about seeing her child grow and succeed in school.

She also went on to caution young upcoming models to be careful of those who will use them and lie to them.”

Be careful of fraudsters who will promise you the world but only after one thing. Get you in bed.”

Eva also encouraged the young models to be honest and passionate about their work. She also reminded them to carry around portfolios in order to put their work out there.

Eva says Ugandans should expect a re-birth of her but did not give a particular time. “You just wait, watch this space,” she added.

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