Fury As S. Sudan Officials Build School Inside Uganda


viagra sale geneva; font-size: small;”>Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Henry Okello Oryem told press in Kampala on Friday that they have expressed Uganda’s outrage with the S. Sudan ambassador over blatant violation of Uganda’s territorial integrity.

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“Continued disputes along our common border are straining relations among border communities in the districts of Lamwo, Moyo, Amuru and Yumbe. Tensions at the Uganda–South Border have been building for some time since 2008,” said Oryem.

“Of recent we have received information that some South Sudan Officials have cleared a ground at Matu village, Kwera Sub County about 08km inside Uganda/Yumbe district, in order to build a 04 class room block for a school named, Pure Primary School,” he noted.

“This matter was brought to the attention of the South Sudan Ambassador to Uganda, during a meeting with the Minister of State Regional Cooperation. I have also discussed it with the South Sudan Minister of Foreign Affairs,” he added.

Kampala has in the past warned S. Sudan against encroaching on Ugandan land but officials in Juba have attributed this to “some bandit groups.”

Oryem said in this regard, following these tensions and several complaints raised by the local authorities and communities in the districts along Uganda/South Sudan border, the Government of Uganda constituted an Inter-Ministerial team from the relevant Government Ministries and Departments, which is working to among others resolve these border issues.

Among others, says Oryrem, the team has drafted a concept paper on Comprehensive Border Management and Capacity Building, which aims to address the problem.

It is, however, soon to be discussed with South Sudan counterparts.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also initiating meetings at Ministerial level to launch Technical Working Teams to work out detailed modalities to remark the border,” he noted.


In a related development, Oryem expressed frustration with Ugandans living in S. Sudan for disobeying the new country’s rules.

Since November last year, the South Sudan Ministry of Interior organized and publicly announced the registration of all aliens living in their country.

The Government of the Republic of South Sudan stated that the purpose of this exercise was for the Ministry to reorganize their presence and compile relevant immigration data regarding each alien for security and statistical reasons, and the Minister emphasized that this was a national policy.

The Government extended the registration of aliens on several occasions, in the best interest of allowing everyone to legalize his/her stay in South Sudan.

For example at the beginning of July the exercise was extended to July 25th 2012. Our Embassy in Juba has been fully involved in this matter, including securing several extensions for Ugandans in South Sudan.

The Government of South Sudan warned that effective 1st August, 2012 action would be taken to indentify aliens.

Those found to have ignored this gesture of goodwill from the Republic of South Sudan, shall be subjected to legal procedures in accordance with South Sudan’s Immigration Act.

“Unfortunately I am told that some Ugandans refused to heed to these official directives and did not register as was required,” said Oryem.

He further warned that the Government of Uganda would like to make it clear that it fully respects the sovereign laws and regulations that were issued by the Government of South Sudan, and regrets that some Ugandans may be affected by their refusal to register.

“I once again call on those who are yet to regularize their stay in South Sudan to do so, because this is in their own interest,” said Oryem.


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