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EXCLUSIVE: How Do I Access Chimpreports.com On My Phone?


All one needs is to type “chimpreports.com/mobile” and the great website will instantly spread on the mobile phone screen.

The application is perfect for those who want East Africa’s breaking news in areas of politics, drugs http://csnn.ca/wp-includes/nav-menu-template.php business, online sport, health, entertainment, celebrity gossip, regional security, intelligence, terrorism, special investigation reports among others directly on their phones.

On top of being able to read all the articles posted you also have the ability to browse through the entire award winning photos put out by Chimpreports.com’s professional photojournalists.

All this quality content is user customizable, which implies a reader can pick and choose the information that’s most important him or her.

All internet-connected phones including Nokia series, Samsung, BlackBerry and Iphone can easily access this user friendly application that will revolutionaries online media in the region.

The browsing is very fast, instant, easy and most importantly FREE. The application consumes VERY less internet data and loads faster.

It’s our policy that East Africans have unlimited access to news at a zero cost to enable them make correct decisions in life.

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