Kyle Speaks Out On Goldie


As has become customary for the Upville gents, http://clearlakefestival.ca/wp-includes/post-template.php the Ugandan laid straight into the Namibian and did not mince his words. “She is an actress,” he declared.

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Kyle also confessed about how excited he was about meeting her when he was still in Downville but sadly when they did finally meet he was disappointed.

“I tried to have a conversation with her but she bores me,” he dished to Wati and Prezzo who have also on previous occasions expressed their own discontent with the StarGame lass.

While we are accustomed to seeing the likes of Prezzo engaging in gossip sessions it was quite surprising to see the usually quiet Kyle not only engaging in the chitter chatter but actually leading it.

“I’d rather have Goldie at least she knew how to start a conversation,” he revealed. “Goldie is an intellectual,” Prezzo added. Well, well it looks like Prezzo has not quite shaken the habit of rushing to his former StarGame sweetheart’s defence.

As for Kyle, is StarGame’s Mr Nice Guy starting to pick up his fellow Housemates bad habits or is Lady May really and truly the problem?


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