Hilary Clinton Plans Uganda Trip

Foreign Affairs’ Permanent Secretary Amb. James Mugume told news desk on Sunday that Uganda and United States are still discussing the date when Clinton will jet in.

Mugume refuted media reports that Clinton would arrive on Tuesday next week.

“Clinton is coming to Uganda but certainly not Tuesday. We are still discussing with US officials,” said Mugume.

The reason behind Clinton’s trip remains top secret but comes at a time of heightened tension between Uganda, Congo and Rwanda.

DRC President Joseph Kabila on Saturday accused Uganda and Rwanda of backing M23 rebels in the eastern part of his country.

He said Uganda had denied the allegations while it’s an “open secret” on the part of Rwanda.

Rwanda has on several occasions accused the international community and Kinshasha of falling short of eliminating the 1994 genocidal rebel FDLR threat in Congo while Kampala is disturbed by DRC’s failure to kick out the ADF rebels.

Army spokesperson Col. Felix Kulayige has in the past said ADF rebels holed up in Nadui, DRC, remain a security threat to Uganda.

The situation is rapidly spiraling out of control and has threatened to plunge the region into war.

Clinton’s visit also comes against the backdrop of successful military operations launched by UPDF-led AMISOM in Somalia against Al Shabaab terrorists.

In the recent months, AMISOM liberated the entire Mogadishu from Al Qaeda-linked insurgents before seizing strategic towns of Balad, Afgoye among others.

It’s also important to note that the Ugandan government has been pushing for the passing of the anti-homosexuality bill that proposes tough penalties for aggravated homosexual convicts.

Hillary Clinton in 2010 telephoned Museveni, urging him to stop the Bill from being passed by Parliament.

Nevertheless, the arrival of Clinton in Uganda will highlight a new era of warm relations between Kampala and Washington.

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