BBA 2014

Kyle Dance Lights Up House


and geneva; font-size: small;”>Talia, information pills Prezzo, Keagan, Kyle and Lady May danced their way through Trainer Faith’s exciting routine with wide smiles.

Well, it was interesting to watch the guys trying to make out the dance moves.

Kyle displayed his dance talent with rare strokes which excited the remaining housemates.

Before rolling to South Africa for the Big Brother Star Game, Kyle was a frequent visitor of nightclubs.

It looks like they have two left feet but we’ll give them brownie points for trying.

Wati at Work!

Wati’s taking his Head of House duties very seriously this morning but he’s alone on it.

Prezzo and Kyle didn’t seem interested when Wati disturbed their slumber and asked them to strip their beds to change the bedding.

The guys removed the bedding at tortoise pace while Wati stood there looking awkward.

Is The President Worried?
Paranoia is creeping in on the Masai warrior and he does not like what’s happening.

Calling himself the boss, Prezzo confided in Talia about how uneasy he was; “the cameras always turn on me and they keep playing my songs.”
He added that it was not a coincidence that Biggie had also played his best friend’s song.

“It means something,” he qualified his statement.

However, Talia didn’t entertain this wild thought and instead tried telling him to stop with the conspiracy theories.
The Housemates have formed their own theories about events in the House and they really believe them.

Sudden Summer Splash

The girls enjoyed a splash in the garden courtesy of Keagan in the afternoon.

The last surviving Downville girls; Jannette and Talia were getting down and wet cleaning the Jacuzzi in their bikinis when Keagan decided to spice up their session with the garden hose.

The screams and the excitement all over the place were clear evidence that the South African charmer had hit the right spot.

Motivated By Mary J Blige

The Housemates still can’t get accustomed to the celebrity visits and today Mary J Blige called them by name.

As part of the ONE Campaign, which was the week’s Task, the Housemates continued to enjoy the benefits.

Mary J Blige, an American R&B singer surprised them when she appeared on the big screen in the lounge to thank them for their efforts on the ONE Campaign throughout the week.

“She just called my name,” Kyle said alongside Talia as they tried to sink in the fact.


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