BBA 2014

Jannette Drinking Habits Shock Africa


information pills geneva; font-size: small;”>This week the StarGame lass was put on the Eviction chopping block for the first time since she has been in the game and she has not been handling it well, the anxious Upville dame has chosen to drown her sorrows with alcohol.

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From the looks of things her shenanigans rubbed many of you up the wrong way. Take a look below at what some of the StarGame viewers had to say.

Ruth Mandey: Jannette stop playn badgirl n stick 2 coffee.

Peris Mamadi Ratemo: Peris Mamadi Ratemo Janet should just leave already.

Dorathy Chibuzor Nwamife: Janette why do u force yourself to drink and mess up? WTF! Pls stop harming yourself and behave well. This is not d 1st time u act this way!

Somto Amuche Ezema-Evurani: Jannette to homeville,i don’t see how a young woman of her age shld make alcohol a dancing tune.What Makes an African woman valued and respected is her fear and regards on things.

Mbili Nghitotelwa: Oh, Janette u really have to go home Sunday self destruction is wht nw?

Osondu Osita: Jannete u have disgraced urself and your family.

There were a few people who showed support for the Ugandan and her wild ways, StarGame viewer Honory Wasiq said: “Most entertaining house mate ever… GO Jannette.

”But it is safe to say that many of you are not impressed with the small princess right now, has the young StarGamer gone too far this time and what does that mean for her chances of surviving Eviction this weekend?

We’ll just have to wait until Sunday to see after this is Big Brother Africa and anything could happen.


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