Deputy BoU Governor Urges Researchers to Maintain Independence


order geneva; font-size: small;”>“They (the researchers) should not be too close to policymakers, whether in governments or international institutions, or dependent on them for financial resources.

“If they allow their academic independence to be eroded, researchers will eventually become reluctant to give policymakers messages that they do not want to hear”, Kasekende said.

The Deputy Governor made the remarks during his opening speech at the 17th Annual Conference of the African Econometric Society in Kampala. The conference’s theme is: is “Econometric Analysis and Policy Challenges in Africa.”

Moreover the economic research agenda should not be dictated by governments or international institutions; it should be determined by academics themselves, Kasekende further said, adding, “The utility of research findings to policymakers is not the only valid reason for undertaking research.”


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