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Kagame Furious Over Threats To Charge Him With Aiding War Crimes


sick geneva;”>“For those people, countries, that think they are powerful, they need to be wise and just as well…not blind,” Kagame blasted the west.

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The attack was sparked by a story published by London’s Guardian newspaper that the head of the US war crimes office has warned Rwanda’s leaders, including President Paul Kagame, that they could face prosecution at the international criminal court for arming groups responsible for atrocities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Stephen Rapp, who leads the US Office of Global Criminal Justice, told the Guardian the Rwandan leadership may be open to charges of “aiding and abetting” crimes against humanity in a neighbouring country – actions similar to those for which the former Liberian president, Charles Taylor, was jailed for 50 years by an international court in May.

“There is a line that one can cross under international law where you can be held responsible for aiding a group in a way that makes possible their commission of atrocities,” he said.

“Charles Taylor never set foot in Sierra Leone, and aided and abetted, and was convicted of aiding and abetting, the Revolutionary United Front with assistance that was substantial and, the judges said, without which the RUF could not have committed the atrocities to the extent they did commit them. Because of that evidence, Charles Taylor was convicted and sentenced to 50 years.”

Rapp said the evidence by the UN group of experts of Rwandan government support for M23 and other armed groups, including sending weapons and troops into the DRC, exposed Kagame and other senior officials to investigation for war crimes.

“Forget about grand-standing of arrogant bullies who don’t care about justice of others and only pretend and use lies,” Kagame charged.

“They have never done justice anywhere…all are just false claims of righteousness used to dominate ….by some!” he added.

He described as “laughable” calls for his prosecution.

He further noted that they only display “gross ignorance and “being irresponsible.”

“Those saying that (war crimes) are the ones responsible for the crimes,” said Kagame.

“They will come, run over everything like other people don’t matter, then when things explode, they will come around and blame you for it even if they are the one who caused the problem,” he added.


Meanwhile, the story has kicked up dust on social network sites Twitter and Facebook with many blaming the west for exhibiting the highest level of arrogance.

Joseph Tumwebaze said: “I am not against prosecution of African leaders but Africa needs to take charge of its own affairs and not let the west take charge like we are lame. Hey, we need independence as a continent.”

Tumwebaze asked: “Why should we have the UN (or the likes) come to enforce a no-fly zone over our countries, and even stop African leaders from travelling in their own African territory? Why should we always rush to them for help, which normally comes with strings attached, yet we are able to put in motion processes that can ensure we will help ourselves in future? Africa has lots of oil, resources, and skills but we lack a unifying goal of being independent.”

Patrick Bigabo, a Rwandan journalist chipped in: “Definitely Rwanda must not allow to be belittled by such ICC stuff—-I don’t think we are even signatory members. As patriotic Rwandans, our sovereignty will remain guarded. The cause of the problem is now very clear to us, we will never accept to be drawn back to Genocide because of who we were born.”

He added: “The west should hold themselves accountable for their roles in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide—they should also hand themselves in to the ICC over supporting FDLR rebels(responsible for 1994 Genocide).

Of course US and UK know very well that Rwanda has worked so hard to achieve all the freedom, stability and economic recovery, hope and unity. This won’t just be eroded by mere threats from ICC.

USA must also handover all the 1994 genocide suspects living free on US soil. We don’t care about cutting AID after all we returned to motherland without their Aid—we can live without it but DRC must accept to Co-exist with Rwanda.”

Gonza Mugi said: “This is probably an empty threat but Africans we have ourselves to blame. By being weak, every white idiot thinks they can humiliate African leaders.”

Rwanda has vehemently denied supporting the M23 rebels.


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