Norwegian Firm To Certify Uganda Fish Farmers For Western Markets


more about geneva;”>This will mean that individual farmers will be given bar codes for which they will be uniquely identified with.

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ampoule geneva;”>In this system, the fish can be reverse monitored from the supermarket it is being sold to in Norway to the fish pond in Masaka once quality assurance is achieved.

It also aims at reduction of costs should the goods being delivered be faulty or spoilt.

Ssetumba John Paul, the managing director of Tracesoft, made the remarks during a meeting on Wednesday at Celtel House, upper Kololo, attended by among others TAWE Investment Limited (a company based in Kamuli district that is striving to unite fish farmers in eastern region) and Shalom Fish farm situated in Luzira.

“With this system, a fish fillet will be able to be traced back to the pond in which it came from,” said Ssetumba.

He went on to say that with this kind of technology, the private sector will go a long way into capturing the support of the Norwegian government.

The company offers similar services in Kenya in conjunction with the Kenyan government, a system which has boasted local farmers.

Basing on that success story, he said that in the similar way, they intended to engage the government of Uganda through the fisheries department so as the ordinary Ugandan can also benefit from this kind of arrangement.

However, he noted that after one and a half years, the company was now willing to only take on five people who will sign the memorandum of understanding with the company as the pilot study as they wait for the government intervention.

This will mean that the first bit of the project will be financed on behalf of the farmer and then the other batch will be through the volumes that a farmer delivers through the system.

Tawe Investment limited was slated to oversee the whole of Eastern region as such where communication and monitoring is hard in this region.

For the other regions, Shalom fish farm, headed by Jean Kaahwa was to make them public. It was seen that through such a system, the targets were to be attainable.

In the course of the meeting, some farmers complained of lack of market for their produce to which a positive response was given.

There is growing interest in the Ugandan fish by the Norwegian investors with a promise of a virtual market for the fish created with some officials from the embassy.

Miss Apio Afra, the Business Development Executive trace soft said that a fisheries official by the name Seramose promised to provide transport to the fish farmers if they are interested in having to travel for the meetings, a move applauded by the members.

In a twist of events however, there was no government official present when the meeting happened.

Even then, the different people in attendance reacted by giving examples of the NAADs provisions in this sector where monitoring and evaluation was not carried out.


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