EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Email Embarrasses Makerere’s Tanga Odoi

pills geneva;”>Full of shocking grammatical mistakes, order the email was sent to Makerere academic staff on May 17 with the view to share the outcome of a meeting between University staff leaders and a Parliamentary committee held in Kampala a day before.

Sources at the University say they have shared the embarrassing email not only to expose the deficiencies in Odoi’s intellectual faculties but also enlighten the public on the crop of some dons at the campus.

“This email, authored by the leader of Makerere Staff, will surely shock parents who have students at the Ivory Tower. I am yet to understand what he meant, two months after Odoi sent it to us,” a source said.

“Yesterday, 17th May 2012, Parliaments Accounts Committee quizzed the US and team as to why Mak does not respect the law,” reads part of Odoi’s email.

This is not the first time Odoi’s credential are being queried.

A top Makerere don last year petitioned the Minister for Education Jessica Alupo to investigate reports that the institution’s Staff Association boss Tanga Odoi was irregularly recruited into University service.

The head of Computer Science department Dr Florence Tushabe, in a letter dated January 5, asked Alupo to also probe Odoi after it emerged he was dismissed from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa due to intellectual incompetence.

Tushabe further said that Odoi had failed Primary Six a staggering 6 times.

“Is it true that the best score at his O’level was a C5 which he scored in history? And that he repeated P.6 six times in Kisoko Boys’ school?” Tushabe wondered.

Odoi was not readily available for comment.

Below is Odoi’s verbatim email.

From: “”


Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2012 8:43 AM

Subject: [AcademicStaff] Parliament and Makerere search for VC

Yesterday,17th May 2012,Parliaments Accounts Committee quizzed the US and team as to why Mak does not respect the law.

First was the issue of keeping acting VC and DVCs in office beyond 6 months against the law. Our humble US failed to convince MPs on this issue.

MPs wondered why Mak with its strong Law School should be in such a mess.

Second,was the current search for substantive VC and DVCs and the failute by Mak to respect the Solicitor-Gens opinion.MPs noted that;

1 .lt contravenes the principle of fair play for current Actings to keep in office when competing for the same posts.

They called the whole process a nullity and called on US as accounting officer to ensure that only candidates who are legible compete.The Legal dept of Mak was blamed for allowing this anomaly.

The only option for they who kept in office is to fall out of the process also came to light that the current VC will be chair of senate and hence receive the report from the search committee and if it does not favour him can decide to throw it back or shelve it.

This conflict of interest for this candidate.

3. The law existing gives the VC powers over his subordinates and can decide to suspend them if they go against his wishes.

Senate reps are under the VC and one wonders how freely the can interview their boss who haas also held on to the jod while he keeps on as a candidate.

3.MPs rightly noted that the search process starts with application for the job, then interviews and this took place on 16th,then public hearing due on Monday 23rd July and later Senate.

The Solicitor-Gens letter says or one does not participate in any issues if one retains office. Now theAg VC and DVC AA have moved on as candidates while still in office.

4. Yesterday our legal office was asked to draft a reply to the MPs but all he is trying to do is to write back to Solicitor-Gen for new opinion as a way to protect the current office bearers.

l pray for him but also feel pity for a lawyer of his calibre. l request the other candidates for this job to rise the occassion and openly challenge such anomalies and not to move to the next stage if the ground is not levelled.

l will do my part to ensure that we are treated fairly.

Remember, the law is useful to those who are active to use it.


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