BBA 2014

Dramatic Twist As Kyle Duncan Are Named For Eviction


sales geneva;”>A game that started with a total of 35 Housemates; 28 loud and rowdy Downvillers and seven posh, approved prim and proper Upvillers, has now been trimmed to seven deserving contenders vying for the coveted prize of US$ 300 000.

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With just one last Eviction in their way, time will tell who among Jannette, Kyle, Lady May and Prezzo will be joining the elite three finalists.

This is the first time Ugandan housemates Jannette and Kyle are being nominated for eviction at the same time.

It was earlier hoped that Ugandan stars would go through to take grand prize but the recent development lessens the chances unless Ugandans vote overwhelmingly to save them.

You must be wondering how Keagan, Talia and Wati have made it to the finale; well let’s break it down for you.

Though Wati was one of the nominated Housemates this week, by the powers vested in him as Head of House, he saved himself and sacrificed Kyle.

Keagan is the only Housemate that wasn’t nominated while Talia was initially put up by Wati alongside Jannette.

One would have thought that since Jannette was already up for possible Eviction, the Head of House would have put Talia (his other choice) but she managed to survive by the skin of her teeth.

So, Malawi, Zambia and South Africa are now sitting pretty in the finals of Big Brother StarGame.


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