Exclusive: Kabaka Gets Israel-Trained Female Commando Bodyguard


help geneva;”>Addressing the press in Kampala on Monday, Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Ibin Ssenkumbi revealed that guards simply receive elementary training on gun usage without thorough scrutiny of their records before being deployed.

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This, said Ssenkumbi, has led to the recruitment of criminals who end up misusing guns to terrorize the nation.

“These security guards are involved in selling of guns and bullets thus being accomplices in cases of murder and robbery,” said Ssenkumbi.

“This has become a profit-making business, considering that private security guards are poorly paid,” he said.

Security companies accused of falling short of implementing the minimum standards for recruitment of guards include RPS Company, Detail Security Group, Alarm Protection Unit, JAG and Hash Security Group.

Police statistics show that one person is killed every day in the country.

The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi has appointed an Israel-trained female commando bodyguard to head his last security ring, has exclusively established.

Only identified as Babirye, the light-skinned bodyguard returned from Israel late last month where he was undertaking training for three years.

Clad in black glasses and a suit, Babirye on Saturday made her first public appearance when she accompanied the Kabaka to Nakivubo Stadium for the official launch of the ‘Bika bya Baganda’ football competitions.

Our Corps saw Babirye giving instructions to other bodyguards to take positions.

“Other guards were subordinate to her. They diligently followed her orders,” recounts our Corp Gold Ronald who was at Nakivubo.

Palace sources have told this investigative website that Babirye was hand-selected by Kabaka to go for training to beef up his security.

“Babirye underwent extensive martial arts and firearms training at a special academy in Israel before returning to Uganda. Her other extraordinary skills include hand-to-hand combat,” said a source.

“Babirye swore she would give her life for Kabaka. She in charge of his private security, day and night,” added the source.

Kabaka now follows in the footsteps of departed Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi who had the Amazonian Guard, an all-female security task force.

It’s very unclear on why Kabaka chose to have a female bodyguard considering that he is protected by over 15 heavily-armed military men provided by government.


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