Zari Facebook Post Sparks Fears Of Possible Divorce


Zari allegedly flew into a rage after Ivan made canes part of her daily menu.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was the London incident where the pair fought, with sources saying, broken glasses were strewn across their apartment.

Zari in car

Zari arrives for the All White Party at Guvnor, Kampala last year

Zari and Ivan were in London on holiday.

ZAri Beuaty

Zari – the Boss Lady

The clash sparked fears their marriage was on the rocks with Zari posting on her Facebook wall:”Domestic violence is a no, no, had my share for a long time and I am officially out.”


Zari, Ivan and Kids during a recent trip to London

She, however, did not state whether she had “officially split” with Ivan, the father of her four kids.

Nevertheless, a close friend to the family a one Karim Hassan told Chimp Corps that the couple has on several occasions fought especially after getting drunk.

Zari & Sylvie

The boss ladies: Zari (R) and Sylivia Owori on a boat cruise early this year

“It’s not strange. All hell usually breaks loose in their South Africa residence,” said Karim.


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