EXCLUSIVE: Mbabazi Says Nsereko Free To Leave” NRM


more about geneva; font-size: small;”>Mbabazi said Nsereko is at the liberty of calling it quits if he so wishes.

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“NRM is a free and democratic organization,” said the Prime Minister.

“People are free to enter it or leave it,” he added.

He, however, said he was not sure that Nsereko could choose to abandon NRM and seek re-election under another political shade as reported in The Observer.

“I am not sure about the Nsereko story,” clarified Mbabazi in a Tweet response to our Managing Editor Giles Muhame.

The newspaper said Nsereko’s bone of contention is that the NRM has breached its contract with the electorate and there is no hope of reversing the status quo.

In an interview with The Observer last week, Nsereko, who has since fallen out with the NRM party hierarchy, said he would “very soon” be stepping down from his party position, as NRM chairman for Kampala district, and relinquishing his parliamentary seat, having realized that the party has failed to, and is not ready to, respect the social contract it made with Ugandans.“I am ready and have consulted a very big section of my voters who have told me that it is the best option, since the party has refused to reform,” the MP was quoted as saying.

“People’s confidence to vote the NRM ahead of other political persuasions was based on the party manifesto, which we are supposed to implement in line with the constitution. But, to my realization, this is not the case,” added Nsereko.

Among the pledges that Nsereko claims the NRM has breached are: zero tolerance to corruption, improving people’s standards of living through poverty eradication, and improving access to social services like health, education, power and infrastructure.“When you assess NRM’s performance in the last one year, based on what the party promised the people, you will probably realize that the score is zero or in the negatives,” Nsereko said.

Citing recent scandals like the national identity cards project, the bloated Shs 169bn compensation to businessman Hassan Basajjabalaba, LC bicycles scam and the corruption allegations in the oil sector, Nsereko says the ruling party has not taken the initiative to address corruption.

“In all the corruption cases, the party has always protected the culprits; and if you try to go against the party position, you are seen as a rebel,” he said.

Intelligence reports last week indicated that Nsereko was being funded by an oil company in United States and other anti-Museveni agents in European countries to lead a splinter group from NRM and challenge Museveni in the 2016 elections.

The impact of Nsereko’s quitting on NRM remains unclear but is indicative of a growing power struggle between the Young Turks and old crop.


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