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Kagame Meets Ugandans In Rwanda


more about geneva; font-size: small;”>The Association which represents over 4000 Ugandans living in Rwanda began by expressing their appreciation for the welcoming environment in Rwanda.

Starting the conversation, Haji Issa Bogere told President Kagame that Ugandans in Rwanda were committed to collaboration between both countries in the field of cross border trade as well as mutual understanding and friendship.

President Kagame greeted his guests in Luganda assuring them that they could continue the conversation in Luganda or even Kinyankole.

Kagame thanked the Ugandan community for their commitment to good relationships between Rwandans and Ugandans regardless of past diplomatic relations.

“Rwandans and Ugandans should relate in a way that sets the example for not only East Africa but the whole continent,” President Kagame said.

“The ties between Uganda and Rwanda are stronger than many…we share blood ties-both biologically and for the liberation of both our countries,” he added.

Kagame then took a variety of questions from the audience ranging from the need to implement an East African national ID to non-nationals’ eligibility for Rwanda’s health insurance scheme “mutuelle de santé.”

The President assured the members of the Ugandan community that Rwanda was committed to ensuring they all feel at home and benefit from their time in Rwanda as all Rwandans who are working to improve their lives.

“Thank you for the security you have given to us in this country…I am a teacher, I can take advantage of Teacher Sacco, get advantages at the bank and I feel at home,” said one member of the community.

”Your presence here is important to yourselves and to us and to bringing about wider East African integration,” President Kagame concluded.


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