Assad Directs New Army Chief To Hunt Down Terrorists


President al-Assad provided Gen. Ayyoub with his directives, wishing him success in his duties.

The President particularly focused in his directives to the new Chief of the General Staff on that the armed forces continue chasing down the terrorists and preserving the security of the citizens and protecting them against terrorist acts.

Gen. Ayyoub assumed the position of the Chief of the General Staff succeeding Gen. Fahd Jassem al-Freij, who had already been appointed as Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and the Armed Forces, Minister of Defense.

President al-Assad last Thursday received Gen. al-Freij, provided him with his directives and wished him success while assuming his responsibilities.

The country is facing stiff resistance from rebels funded by outsiders Turkey, Jordan and receiving training from British ex-servicemen.

Meanwhile, State news media SANA further reported that the Syrian TV showed footage of bodies of terrorists from Egypt and Jordan who were killed by the Syrian armed forces when it was clearing al-Qaboun neighborhood in Damascus from armed terrorist groups.

The terrorists are Abdullah al-Desuqi Musa’ad Bassal and Yasser Abdelrazzaq Kamel Ibrahim from Egypt, Fares Faleh al-Ghazi, Usama Abdelqader Ahmad al-Zahabi, and Ahmmad Abullah al-Zahabi from Jordan.

Earlier, the Syrian TV showed footage of other terrorists who came from Tunisia and Libya, with Turkey and other neighboring countries providing facilitations to allow these murderers to enter Syria and kill its people.

The Times newspaper had reported that the so-called “rebels” in Syria are no more than mercenaries who are funded and given weapons from external sides.


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