EXCLUSIVE: MP Revives Museveni 5th Term Drama


Dr Elioda Tumwesigye said he was not drunk when he suggested that president Museveni should stand in 2016.

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In a strong voice, Tumwesigye said those who believe he was out of his mind should think twice and know that he meant what he said recently -that Museveni is still the only leader than can handle the current challenges facing the country.

“I want to re-affirm that on June 13, I was 100 percent sober when I asked you to stand in 2016. I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t have any apologise for those who think I was out of my mind,” said Tumwesigye.

“For our party to remain in government, we need a strong candidate because FDC’s Kizza Besigye will come back,” he added.

The legislator was speaking at the fundraising for Western Ankole University project in Kabwohe town council in Sheema district aimed at raising funds for the building of a science faculty block where Museveni was the chief guest.

During the commissioning of Kihunda health center VI last month, Elioda said he had started a campaign to bring back Museveni to stand in 2016.

Tumwesigye said there were many projects which president Museveni has started that no any other person in Uganda could handle.

He gave an example of the Congo conflict and the current discovery of oil in the western Uganda.

“If the transition from president Museveni is not properly handled, bandits like (Joseph) Kony and ADF are likely to come back here. If President Museveni is still strong and healthy, why not support him in 2016?” Tumwesigye asked, adding “President Museveni is our insurance cover.”

He said Uganda, at this stage when there has been the discovery of oil, needs a tested leader to keep this country together.

But residents are saying Tumwesigye’s campaign is aimed at securing a ministerial post and self-seeking.

They warned him that there are issues which he should be telling the president to work on but not the 5th term.

Top NRM leaders especially Jim Muhwezi, have voiced their opposition to the new campaign aimed at drumming up support for Museveni’s 5th term bid, saying it’s unnecessary.

Museveni did not comment on what Tumwesigye said.

Instead he turned his guns on agriculture extension workers for not helping him to take services nearer to the people.

He said that people disorganized him while fighting to have district but there hasn’t been any impact so far.

“I am not happy with these agriculture officers. They are jealous to their own people because I haven’t seen modern farming here. You fought for district and I gave them to you. It made me crash with my old friend like (Kahinda) Otafiire and many others. Why then did you fight for the districts?” the president asked.

He contributed shs200million to the university and shs350million were realized in cash pledges.

Ankole Western University project was started by the West Ankole diocese.


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