Museveni Defends Madhvani On Amuruu Land


The President was on Thursday speaking to a delegation of 248 youth leaders for the 7 districts from the Acholi Sub-Region who called on him at his country home in Rwakitura, Kiruhuura district.

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The delegation hailed from the districts of Amuru, Nwoya, Gulu, Pader, Agago, Kitgum and Lamwo and was on an agricultural tour that was organized for the group by the President in the districts of Masaka and Kiruhuura with the aim of seeing for themselves how modern commercial farming has changed the lives of some people in those 2 areas.

The group visited St. Jude Farm in Masaka district. The farm practices modern farming on 3.7 acres of land and is able to earn Shs.50 million monthly.

They also toured the farm of Rev. James Katamunanwire in Rushere, Kiruhuura district who has sorted out the utilities problem by using solar system to get electricity and harvesting water in his modern home set up.

Museveni told the visiting Acholi youth delegation that land in the Acholi Sub-Region and many other parts of Uganda is highly fragmented.

Coupled with subsistence farming, he added, this forms the bedrock source of household poverty.

He strongly advised that land should not be used for accommodation as a sole purpose but rather for engaging in production activities to create and accumulate wealth.

Museveni reminded them of the Biblical saying which goes as “seek ye first the Kingdom of God and the rest will be given unto you”.

He likened it to modern farming to be able to first solve household income and the rest would be easy.

The President pledged to support the youth of Acholi Sub-Region with the start-up capital in the form of oxen and ox-ploughs and other opening up livestock multiplication centres in the area.

He also pledged to look into the delays of disbursement of funds to the youth yet money is available.

He further informed them that government has increased the fund by adding Shs3 billion and made available Shs.16 billion to benefit graduates who have not got employment.

Museveni also clarified on the Lakang land in Amuru district that was secured by the Madhvanis for the sugar project saying the district Land Board allocated the land to Madhvani in the view of the fact that it was not occupied.

He added that if it is proved that some people were living on that land by the time of its allocation, those affected will be compensated.

The youth leaders pledged to go back home and sensitize their communities on how to eradicate household poverty through commercial agriculture following what they observed and learnt from their tour.


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