UPDF General Rejects Museveni's 5th Term Bid


medical generic geneva;”>The former head of intelligence said only Ugandans have a right to determine who should lead them.

viagra geneva;”>The ex Health Minister described as “totally unnecessary” calls by MPs led by Eastern region Youth NRM legislator Peter Ogwang that Museveni should rule Uganda till 2021.

“This campaign is not necessary now. The Constitution and laws of Uganda are very clear on how a President should be elected,” Muhwezi told press at Parliament in Kampala on Wednesday.

“Uganda’s Constitution prescribes how to put and remove a leader. It’s not prudent for an MP to come up and say he wants so and so for President. The NRM will decide on its flag bearer when the right time comes,” he added.

MP Peter Ogwang kicked off dust on Monday when he told press in Kampala that the ruling party is yet to see anybody fit to replace President Museveni.

He said this is good reason for Museveni to continue leading the country; adding over 180 MPs have already expressed desire to urge Museveni to accept standing for the fifth term in office.

“It’s very unfair for some people to start this campaign because Museveni has just been voted to serve for five years. Why the drama now? It’s really unnecessary,” emphasized Muhwezi.

While NRM insiders say Muhwezi still maintains informal links with Museveni, the bush war hero is said to be secretly advocating for Janet Museveni’s presidency.

His remarks come at a time of a heated debate on whether Museveni should contest in 2016, having been in power since 1986.


In a related development, former Presidential contestant and Peoples Development Party boss, Dr. Abed Bwanika, has called upon all Ugandans to raise up voices and be heard in giving the nation the right counsel and direction in regard to the fifth term for President Museveni.

Abed advised all the MPs to counsel the proponents of the fifth term and give president Museveni the greatest gift ever – which is retiring peacefully by 2016 through constitutional amendments and enacting a law that will guarantee his amnesty and a dignified exit.

Abed also warned all supporters of a fifth term for Museveni that it is a very dangerous and unwanted project.

“It is very dangerous to Museveni, to his family, to NRM, to Uganda and to the very people promoting it,” warned Bwanika.

He said this direction would be the most regrettable given that Museveni has had the greatest opportunity to come out of leadership as a statesman.

“We want to strongly advise Museveni to reject any calls that are likely to trap him into accepting a fifth term. This is not in the interest of Uganda and himself,” said Bwanika.

Addressing a panel of African Peer Review Mechanism in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital where he and other leaders of the AU member states had assembled for the 19th AU Summit, Museveni said Uganda had gone through a transformation process and registered highly on democratic governance.

“I can accept aid on any other sector, but I do not need lectures on democracy because this is what I fought for,” said Museveni.

“I started organising elections when I was in secondary school. Nobody can give me advice on democratic governance,” he added.

Museveni also defended his long stay as President saying that although some people think that staying in power long is bad, it has helped him to acquire experience.


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