Kadaga Told: Tooro Queen Mother Has Grabbed My Land


site mind geneva; font-size: small;”>Irumba accuses Kemigisa of illegally grabbing his inherited land located in Kibiito trading center, block 44 in Bunyangabu, Kabarole District.

Irumba says Kemigisa has turned pleas for round table talks over the saga.

“When I approached Her Majesty the Queen in bid to solve this problem, she instead threatened and warned me,” Irumba’s petition reads in part.

The development is a huge embarrassment to the Tooro Kingdom.

Below is Irumba’s verbatim petition to Kadaga

Andrew Irumba from Kitini, Buheesi, Bunyangabu, Kabarole District but a resident of Ntinda, Kampala is a son of the Late Augustine Irumba former councilor for Buheesi Sub – county who died on 30th June 1994.

He left 10children and more than 72 grandchildren at the time of his death. This is his full story.

In 1980, during the NRA struggle, cultural leaders in Uganda were under threats. Our King of Toro Patrick David Olimi Kaboyo was not exceptional. When the war intensified, he wanted to run to exile but did not have4 enough money.

He approached his friend Augustine Irumba and convinced him to sale to him 100 acres of land to enable rise enough money to exile.

Irumba agreed and Shs100,000 was paid to the king and an agreement witnessed by our family lawyer by then Mr. Vincent Kagaba, a retired judge today.

However, the two friends could not go to the site to potion the land since it was risky because of the war.

They agreed that, the king could potion this land when he comes back home from exile after the war. Indeed when he came back, they went to potion this land which is found in Kibiito trading center block 44 in Bunyangabu, Kabarole District.

The squatters on that land refused to survey it since they had already heard through hear say that the King had sold without the knowledge of the squatters.

“We can’t be ruled by a mere man, we are king’s subjects,” they assured the king.

The king being Loyal to his subjects, he requested Irumba to give him some time so he could convince his subjects and see if they could accept to be given free land elsewhere. Unfortunately our father died shortly after the meeting.

One year later the king also died. This issue since been in the hands of Tooro kingdom. Efforts to solve this problem amicably have all been futile.

When I approached Her Majesty the Queen in bid to solve this problem, she instead threatened and warned me.

I petitioned the President 4 times for the above subject in October 2009. His office forwarded my petition with recommendation to Hon. Joash Mayanja Nkanji, Chairman Uganda land commission for action.

Coincidentally I had made my complaint known to the commission, before the Queen mother had been fully paid the UShs511,480,000.

A petition was received by the commission and Hon. Omara Atubo (Minister of lands and Urban development by then) requesting to hold further payments until the dispute was settled, (Letter attached marked “D” date 11th February 2009) but to my surprise the commission went ahead and clear all the outstanding balance to her majesty.


Later on Hon. Joash Mayanja contacted her majesty on phone in my presence for same but she didn’t co-operate.

I was then referred to Gertrude Njuba (Director of land Matters State House) for action (Petition attached marked “E” dated 9th February 2009) Njuba referred to Joy Kabatsi (Principal Private Secretary to His Excellency the president).

Joy Kabatsi wrote a letter summoning the two worrying parties for dialogue (Letter attached marked “F” dated 12th January 2010). I turned up the Queen mother never turned up and gave no reason at all.

On March 24th 2010, Joy Kabatsi sought the intervention of the prime minister of Tooro Kingdom, Hon. William Nyakatura hoping she would respect the Tooro Kingdom leaders (Letter attached marked “G” dated 24th marched 2010).

After several attempts requesting her for a meeting for the same failed, the prime minister wrote back to Joy Kabatsi sighting unwillingness by her majesty the Queen to discuss the matter.

“This is in response to your letter Ref: PO Box 19 0f 24th March 2010 regarding the above subject. I have to report that I didn’t have the co-operation necessary from the Queen mother to enable me conduct any meeting for dialogue”. Read part of Prime Minister’s letter. (Copy attached marked “H” date 13th October 2010)

I have also tried to seek her audience through Tooro elders like Fr. Thomas Kisembo, Rukutu, Justice Vicent Kagaba, Noh. Adolf Mwesige, Hon. Amama Mbabazi, Hon. Amelia Kyambadde and the Royal family but they have sighted the same difficulties.

I have also written several reminders to His Excellency the President through the Principal Private Secretary but all in vain.

Together with the other family members, we are willing to meet the Queen and solve this dispute on around table.


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