Chameleone Fights Police Boss Kaweesi At Anti-Piracy Rally


cialis 40mg http://centristnetblog.com/wp-includes/media-template.php geneva;”>Chimp Corps say musicians and film makers have called all their supporters for a rally in the city to protest the widespread piracy of their music.

The move followed Uganda Revenue Authority’s declaration that all musicians must pay taxes from proceeds of music concerts.

A visibly livid Chameleone today shocked his colleagues when he grabbed a microphone from Kaweesi’s hands before blasting government.

“If government wants tax from us, let police first deal with those who pirate our music,” charged Uganda’s best artiste.

“If government does not end music piracy in Uganda, we will never ever pay taxes. If it does, we will pay but without action being taken, just forget. Never,” Chameleone slammed Kaweesi as fellow musicians cheered him on.

Meanwhile, we’ve learnt that two top singers Dan Kazibwe aka Ragga Dee and Meshach Semakula, who are behind efforts to stamp out music piracy in the country, have had their lives threatened.

They accuse one Jordan, a top music and movie pirate in Kampala of threatening to harm them for their advocacy on copy right.

Kaweesi has deployed anti-riot police at National Theatre to block a planned demonstration.

He also promised to arrest all music pirates in the city.

Rogers Atukunda, a film maker, says he at one time spent Shs2m on filming ‘Breaking The Mesh” movie and Shs5m on “Me And My Self” but pirates downloaded them from youtube and sold each at Shs1,000.

“I wanted to sell each at Shs5,000 but that’s not possible because these pirates sell a copy at Shs1,000. It’s time to arrest all of them,” said Atukunda.


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