Katuramu Thinks He’s Won A Pardon But He Has Another Case, A Murder Of Three To Answer For

pills geneva;”>I don’t know if it’s the newspaper that tweaked the tone and the tense, ed but the guy sounds like he’s already won his freedom from life imprisonment.

Katuramu was the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Toro. He was (and judging by the tone of the interview, still is) a very wealthy man and never hesitated to use his money to get whatever he wanted.

He used some of his money to kill and it was for murder, of a Prince in the Kingdom he served, that he was convicted and sent to Luzira where he was supposed to get the ultimate justice.

He has been in Luzira for 13 years eight of which on death row. He won’t be hanged because the Supreme Court sometime ago ruled that if a convict isn’t executed within 3 years of their conviction, their sentence reverts to life imprisonment, which translates to 20 years’ incarceration in Uganda.

Minus a presidential pardon, Katuramu, should be out of prison in a couple of years.

But all indications are that thanks to lobbying and a pathetic system that run the presidential pardons, the thug will get his pardon and walk free very soon and that breaks my heart.

The interview according to those in the know is part of a campaign to paint the crook in favorable light leading to a presidential prerogative of mercy.

What remains to be seen, is will Katuramu walk with all his fellow murderous crooks that bumped off people with incredible calm.

Now I am not a vengeful person and I believe in forgiveness where there is punishment and genuine remorse but I don’t think Katuramu is remorseful in the slightest sense.

In the interview, he was asked if he felt any remorse for the crimes he committed and this was what he replied:

‘What happened was unfortunate though it was exaggerated. All I can say to my people from Toro and Uganda as a whole is that I am sorry. I pray for their forgiveness.’

This doesn’t sound sincere to me. It doesn’t look genuine at all. It not coming from a criminal who has learnt his lesson, a reformed thug, who regrets the pain he caused the families of those he killed.

This to me smacks of arrogance, a convicted killer’s haughtiness. A goon who believes he’s about to get away from his crimes.

Did Katuramu kill the people of Toro? Did he kill Ugandans? So why ask for forgiveness from a generalized group?

Okay, two of his victims Happy Charles Kijanangoma and Steven Kaganda aka Mulokole were batooro.

The former was a prince in the Kingdom but he had a family of his own. He had a mother, a father, sisters, brothers, kids, a wife or a girlfriend; he had friends like any other person. You cannot apologize to these by directing your ‘sorry’ to ‘my people of Toro and Uganda as a whole’

Like I wrote earlier on this blog, Katuramu has not reached out in person to the families of his victims but he wrote to President Yoweri Museveni reminding him how he made huge financial contributions to the party and to the regime and why he should be freed from prison because of that.

Katuramu has another criminal case that was suspended and its related to the murder of Kijanangoma, it the murder of my friend Richard Tumwesigye who was shot dead with his two friends outside the Eastern gate of Makerere University on the day he had finished his law exams.

The Killer Alex Twine, the same man who shot and killed Kijanangoma was reportedly targeting, Mirindi Kajabago an intelligence operative who was in the company of Tumwesigye and the girl, Mary Kaitetsi.

It must be said that Katuramu had hired Twine and Bob Smart, (renown hit men and army deserters) to kill Kijanangoma on March 24, 1999.

The hit men had tracked their target Kijanangoma (whom they had christened Escobar) to Fort Portal town; they aborted the mission to kill the Prince because he had been joined by Mirindi Kajabago who knew Twine as a murderous hit man.

Twine tracked and killed Kajabago the next day on March 25 and later tracked down Mirindi in Kampala and shot him outside Makerere University gate to ensure he doesn’t testify against him in court.

This particular case of the three murders was suspended after Katuramu and Alex Twine who were the defendants had been convicted in the murder of Kijanangoma.

But Twine admitted to killing the three and the confession is on police file. Twine also confessed to some boys from Ibanda district where Tumwesigye came from.

Apparently Twine was feeling extra guilty that he had killed a boy from his village. Twine and Tumwesigye went to the same Primary School and the distance between their homes in the village is less than two miles.

The murder of Mirindi and consequently his other two colleagues was reportedly also carried out on the orders of Katuramu who was desperate to eliminate all witnesses to the Prince’s murder.

I am not a lawyer but I’d expect Katuramu to be arrested instantly the moment he is pardoned and arraigned before court to answer for the three murders.

So as he prepares for his freedom, why hasn’t Katuramu reached out to the families of the people his hit man Twine killed on his orders?

Simple; he doesn’t care about them and what they went through. He only cares about ‘his people in Toro’ and his reputation amongst Ugandan as a whole.

He claims to be a born again Christian but I think it’s a shallow pretense.

He preaches forgiveness but he doesn’t want to seek it from the families of his victims.

Instead he has sent a hand written missive to Museveni and deliberately leaked it to the press because he knows that it’s his monetary contributions to the party and to the regime that will win him the freedom he seeks.

Not his newfound love of God or his remorse, because, in this killer’s heart there is no remorse and no compassion and no regret.

In Katuramu’s heart there is only arrogance and an evil sense of entitlement and in pardoning him President Museveni will not be setting free a reformed man, but a wealthy and bigheaded criminal who still thinks he murdered ‘small people’ and only got convicted because the case was ‘exaggerated


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