Uganda Gets 7th Army General

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sildenafil geneva;”>Moses Ali becomes the seventh General in the country after Yoweri Museveni, unhealthy Salim Saleh, David Sejusa, Elly Tumwiine, Aronda Nyakairima and State Minister for Defence Jeje Odongo.

Museveni promoted Ali alongside high ranking army officers such as Brigadier Matayo Kyaligonza, who is Uganda’s ambassador to Burundi, to the rank of Major General.

The President further promoted Col. Julius Chihandae, a high-level diplomat to United Arab Emirates (UAE), to the rank of Brigadier.

Sources in the army said Chihandae has attended several strategic military courses and is experienced in Middle East security affairs, having lived in Cairo, Egypt for a very long time.

Museveni also promoted Acting Col. Herbert Mbonye to full Colonel.

He is remembered for having coordinated military intelligence operations aimed at restoring sanity during the 2009 Kayunga riots.

Mbonye was on a special taskforce that included Gen. Kale Kayihura and other senior security officials tasked by the commander-in-chief to crush the Kayunga uprising.

Army spokesperson Col. Felix Kulayigye was not readily available for comment but Museveni has of late promoted and shuffled his army chiefs for motivation and efficiency purposes.

Chimp Corps say Ugandans had expected the promotion of Col. Muhoozi Keinerugaba after a strategic military course in South Africa that ended in June.

Below is the full list


1. Lt Gen Moses Ali (RTD) General

2. Brig Matayo Kyaligonza (RTD) Maj Gen

3. Col Julius Chihandae (RTD) Brig

4. Ag Col Sikaje Geofrey Tumusiime Col

5. Ag Col Emmanuel Kwihangana Col

6. Ag Col Herbert Mbonye Col

7. Major Kaka Bagyenda (RTD) Col

8. Ag Lt Col Lawrence Sam Kitts Lt Col

9. Ag Lt Col Elly Byaruhanga Lt Col

10. Ag Lt Col John Kamya Lt Col

11. Ag Lt Col David Magonge Lt Col

12. Ag Lt Col Philip Ongom Lt Col

13. Ag Lt Col Alfred Nangendo Lt Col

14. Ag Lt Col James K Katera Lt Col

15. Ag Lt Col Samuel R Rwamutwe Lt Col

16. Ag Lt Col Paulo Opoo Omara Lt Col

17. Ag Lt Col Richard Nyeko Acela Lt Col

18. Ag Lt Col Richard Walekula Lt Col

19. Ag Lt Col Paddy Ankunda Barihaihi Lt Col

20. Ag Lt Col Greep Mugisha Lt Col

21. Ag Lt Col David Lukanga Lt Col

22. Ag Major Moses Amule Major

23. Capt Topher Agaba (RTD) Major

24. Capt James Mwesigye (RDC) Major

25. Ag Capt Emmy Johnson Opio Capt

26. Ag Capt John Otyang Kemu Capt

27. Lt Phillips Pope Agang Capt

28. Lt Terman T Kachemba Capt

29. Lt A Aron Mugaba Capt

30. Lt Gilbert K Musimenta Capt

31. Lt Badru Ssemakula Luyima Capt

32. Lt Robert Z Tumuhimbise Capt

33. Lt Paul Mugerwa Capt


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