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BATTLE FOR 2016: Is CIA Behind NRM Crisis?


viagra more about http://dangerdame.com/wp-includes/class-smtp.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Museveni last week met his top political and security strategists at State House, decease http://chanceandhydrick.com/wp-admin/includes/revision.php Entebbe where he confessed receiving information that agents with links to CIA and British intelligence organizations were promising “large sums of money” to rebel MPs to tear the party apart.

A highly placed intelligence official at State House has told this investigative website today morning that Museveni and Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi are now “brainstorming” on the political consequences of expelling the “rebel Mps who are colluding with foreign agents to cause confusion in NRM.”

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The source further said the “death of fear” among some NRM MPs is premised on millions of dollars promised by foreign agents.

“After realizing that it’s very hard for opposition to remove Museveni through the ballot, ‘foreigners’ are now bribing some controversial MPs in the party with lots of money to break NRM into two,” said the source who preferred anonymity given the sensitivity of the story.

The MPs have reportedly been promised billions of shillings to facilitate their Parliamentary campaigns in 2016 if they break ranks with NRM.

Museveni and Mbabazi, a source said, intend to hold more interactive meetings with MPs to avoid a split reminiscent of PAFO – an NRM breakaway faction that saw top shots leave the ruling party towards the 2006 elections.

Chimpreports.com investigations desk now understands that the better part of funds aimed at triggering a tsunami in NRM is channeled through two NGOs – Nakasero and Kamwokya, all suburbs of Kampala.

It’s yet unclear why these organizations want to oust Museveni yet he is viewed by the international community as a collaborator in fighting terrorism in the region.

Efforts to seek a comment from Museveni spokesperson tamale Mirundi were futile as his known cell phone was switched off.

Speaking during the Capital Gang talk show on Saturday, NRM rebel MP Mohamed Nsereko shocked listeners when he said he was not afraid of leaving the party because it’s not the only source of a “comfortable life.”

Nsereko had earlier openly supported DP candidate Mathias Nsubuga in the stormy Bukoto South election thus defeating NRM flag-bearer Alintuma Nsambu.

Our source said Museveni had been stretched to the limit and would soon expel the rebellious MPs and focus on “strengthening his party’s structures with those who are loyal and believe in the party’s ideology.”

“The President prefers a battle from outside not from within. He is now preparing for 2016 without the likes of Chris Baryomunsi, Theodore Ssekikuubo among others since they have been lured to take the path of foreigners,” the source added.

State House last month warned rebel NRM legislators against plans of defecting, saying they would be compelled to return party cards and get thrown out of Parliament.

The threats came on the backdrop of reports that NRM MPs Chris Baryomunsi, Theodore Ssekikuubo and Wilfred Niwagaba had formed a “government in waiting as an alternative to President Yoweri Museveni’s failing leadership.”

“I don’t think there is any serious NRM legislator who can defect. Those who are switching to defections should know they can’t work because the President has four more years to rule,” Presidential spokesperson Tamale Mirundi told Chimpreports.com news desk on Wednesday.

“It’s only in the Parliamentary democracy where defections can force a President to resign. In this presidential democracy, these defectors will simply make a minority party. Voters will punish them,” said Mirundi.

He said “those who are talking about defections are trying to incite Ugandans” against the President after failing to use Parliament to impeach him.

“These are people trying to undermine the President. When you defect, you surrender the party card and lose your MP seat. No one can take such a risk.”

The NRM is still stuck with the hair-raising comments allegedly made by Ssekikuubo and Baryomunsi during the Good Shepherd Ntusi Catholic Parish golden jubilee celebrations on Sunday that they were compelled to form a provisional government due to chronic corruption in government and poor service delivery.

“We will definitely not condone grand acts of corruption; we will ensure proper service delivery rather than insisting and relying on simple politics of survival in political offices,” Niwagaba reportedly charged.


Ssekikuubo confirmed his group’s readiness to put in place an alternative to Museveni’s government.

“What is of fact is that we are taking steps to always be ready for challenge. When all things fail and government fails to properly discharge its duties and you see time passing, it’s a call for preparedness.”

The fiery legislator, well known for fighting political battles with Premier Amama Mbabazi and Sam Kutesa, said his group is putting in place mechanisms “to succeed a system suffering from general malaise.”

“Why must we wait for a system to fail? While the President has prerogative over the front bench, we too should proceed and step forward when need arises. Even the President knows that there are eight evils eating NRM,” said Ssekikuubo.


Nevertheless, this is not the first time Museveni is expressing his skepticism of the role played by foreigners to cause regime change in Kampala.

In March this year, Museveni shocked a delegation from the European Union at State House Entebbe when he exposed a British woman who has been recruiting spies in Uganda.

The President, whom sources say spoke with confidence as he rolled his eyes from left, right and centre, revealed that Philippa, a member of the ruling Conservative Party was bankrolling foreign trips of young politicians in Uganda.

“Stop enrolling our young officials in government to act as your agents,” Museveni charged as delegates looked on in consternation.

“I am told this woman Philipa from the Conservative Party has been giving money to our young MPs to run here and there over oil. She is misleading them with some money,” said Museveni as the diplomats listened attentively.

The President said private funding of Ugandan citizens is totally unacceptable and punishable.

“Giving Uganda officials cash, not cheque or paying through the bank is money laundering,” he told the delegates led by their boss Dr Roberto Ridolfi.

“We have reports that they invite our young Members of Parliament; give them funds which are not reported either in parliament or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is corruption, if they get money which they don’t declare. If it is to help our country, it should be reported. If it is not reported, it is looked at as some of our partners recruiting agents or spies in our country,” said Museveni.

“We don’t want embassies of our friends to recruit spies from our people. We are not hostile powers to you; neither are we your enemies, why would you recruit? This is a serious form of corruption. If you get money from foreign sources and don’t declare to IGG, Parliament or police, you are not only corrupt, but an agent.”

The turmoil in NRM is threatening to lessen the ruling political organization’s chances of sweeping the 2016 elections, also considering that it has lost 6 out of 7 by-elections in less than a year.


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