cheap http://clubebancariositape.com.br/wp-admin/includes/ms.php geneva;”>NRM electoral commission official Elijah Mushemeza says the hotly contested race was marred by electoral violence, cialis 40mg intimidation and several malpractices by members of opposition DP.

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This is the sixth out of seven by-elections that NRM has lost in less than a year.

Mushemeza blames opposition for spreading a hate campaign against Nsambu using CBS radio and hiring services of vigilantes to create an atmosphere of terror in the election exercise.

The loss of Bukoto is another humiliation not only to NRM but also Museveni who actively campaigned for Nsambu.

Last Sunday, President Yoweri Museveni had to rush to Bukoto to clarify that Nsambu never insulted the Kabaka of Buganda and also influenced the closure of CBS radio station in 2009 as alleged by Mengo officials.

Museveni said such were lies crafted by people who hate the Kingdom and only want to drag it into trouble.

“If Nsambu abused the Kabaka why didn’t Mengo report to me as a leader of NRM. I asked him what he said and he explained that he was blaming the people who wanted to confuse the Kabaka that the Baganda should refuse to work with government which they described as that of Banyankole with long noses,” said Museveni.

“They wanted people to think that it was the Kabaka who sent them. I am a fighter, and fighters don’t know tribes. NRM is a tribe for all the people who support unity, peace and development in the country,” he added.

“For the Kabaka to return to Uganda, it was because of the blood of NRM. DP was here, UPC which removed him was here etc. If he abused the Kabaka why didn’t they report him to me to discipline him?” wondered Museveni.

“Those who use the Kabaka for campaigns are wrong because the Kabaka has no sides. They are greedy and only care about themselves,” he further stated.

DP’s Nsubuga was last night officially declared winner of the election with 11,854 votes, defeating Nsambu who got 10,427.

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