Rwandans To Discuss Development Strategies Using ICT


site geneva; font-size: small;”>Organized by Rwanda ICT Chamber PSF, the event is to be held exclusively in Kinyarwanda – starting 9:00am at Muhabura Block, Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST).

The forum is supported by the Government of Rwanda, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and the leading ISPs and Telecom service providers of Rwanda.

The theme of the day is “Kubyaza umusaruro Ikoranabuhanga mu Isakazamakuru (ICT).”

The Rwanda IGF is an open forum where all Rwandans are to engage in active discussions about how ICT can improve their livelihood.

It is made possible by multiple ICT enabled platforms such as TV, Radio, Internet, Phone, SMS, and social media.

“Rwanda National IGF 2012 is to provide a countrywide collaborative discussion about ICT. The discussion will be held in Kinyarwanda language as a means of continuing to add use of ICT into Rwandans’ daily activities,” said Head of Rwanda National Internet Governance Forum committee and Vice President of Rwanda ICT Chamber PSF, Geoffrey Kayonga

“Both Rwanda ICT Chamber PSF and Internet Governance Forum are entities responsible for social economic development, through use of ICT,” he added.

“This is the reason; the Rwanda ICT Chamber took the initiative to organize the forum that intends to bring all Rwandans on one table to discuss ICT opportunities and challenges experienced in Rwanda,” notes Kayonga.

He says this year’s National Internet Governance Forum will bring government officials, businessmen, academicians, civil society representatives, and general public into an intuitive and direct dialogue which will allow all Rwandans to forge shared understanding of how ICT can improve the livelihood of our citizens.

“Rwanda ICT Chamber’s vision is making Rwanda the leading ICT Driven society. Over this 2012 IGF dialogue; we seek to stimulate ideas that are in line with our vision and how we can move from idea to implementation,” explained Rwanda ICT Chamber PSF Director Alex Ntale

All Rwandans, including those in Diaspora, will be given a window of opportunity to actively participate in the forum through Live Rwanda TV and Radio broadcasting, Internet streaming, telephone calls, sms, Tweets, Facebook and other social media.

This national forum precedes the East Africa Internet Governance Forum due to take place in Nairobi, Kenya the following week.

The national forum will consolidate Rwandan people’s idea and voices and the result will be presented as the Rwanda’s contribution to East Africa IGF resolutions that will further develop Internet enabled opportunities in the region.

Flash back

Internet Governance Forum was founded as a follow-up process to the United Nations’ World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) which was held on 2003 in Geneva and 2005 in Tunis.

It was established as a true open forum to discuss challenges and opportunities presented by the Internet and yearly Global Forum ensued since 2006.

In order to provide regional inputs to the process, East African countries decided to form East African Internet Governance Forum (EA-IGF) in 2008 headed by the Secretariat in Kenya.

Respectively, Rwanda National IGF was launched on 20th October 2008 to provide an open forum to discuss ICT enabled opportunities and consolidate national perspective to be presented at the regional and global forums.

2012 marks the 4th years that the National IGF will be held in Rwanda and the time which proceed to the approval of the National ICT Strategy and Policy 2011-2015 (NICI-III).

As it is a critical juncture for ICT enabled development in Rwanda, this year’s forum will take truly open format and invite all Rwandan to participate in the forum to discuss and understand the opportunities presented by the ICT in Rwanda.

In order to spearhead the process, the PSF ICT Chamber is taking the lead in organizing the forum with strong support from the Government of Rwanda, ICT private sector, ICT related civil societies, and key donor organization.

Rwanda National IGF 2012 will highlight the ICT opportunities and challenges for Rwandan development.

The forum will be open to all Rwandan citizens through TV, Radio, Social Media, and direct participation.

The forum will feature panel discussions of key leaders of ICTs in Rwanda with active Q&A sessions expected. The conference will be held in Kinyarwanda to ensure that all Rwandans could participate in.

It is expected that the findings and recommendations of the forum will be reflected into the activities and initiatives both within Rwanda and within East African region.

Overview of the ICT – Chamber

The ICT Chamber is the youngest member of the Private Sector Federation (PSF), formed in August 2011 as an agent to support ICT sector development.

More specifically the Rwanda ICT Chamber brings together ICT Associations, businesses, groups and individuals into a community where they can share ideas on how to promote and develop Rwanda’s ICT and ICT enabled Industries.


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