BBA 2014

Jealous Jannette Asks Taila: Would You Fall For Keagan?


That was the burning question on Jannette’s mind earlier Wednesday evening.

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As the two ladies spent a little one on one in the bedroom the Ugandan made use of the opportunity to give her friend the third degree.

“What if you fall for Keagan,” Jannette enquired.

At this query a startled Talia retorted: “We do flirt sometimes but I am in love with Sey (Seydou).”

This response was still not enough to satisfy Jannette’s curiosity as she continued to press the matter further.

She then asked her friend, “Have you ever been in love but had feelings for someone else at the same time?

Talia tried to explain to Jannette that this was not the case with Keagan.

But instead of just letting go of the matter the petite StarGame lass then queried the Zambian on whether or not she enjoys his company.

Talia blushed and did her best to side step this question but Jannette kept pushing and eventually Talia quipped.

“End of discussion.”

Hmmm… Talia why are you so cagey lady?

Could it be that Jannette is onto to something about Talia having some feelings for Keagan?


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