Terror Attacks Anniversary: Security Blanket Rolled Over Kampala

online geneva;”>Hundreds of police personnel have today been deployed at several strategic points in the city to ward off potential terror strikes.

pill geneva;”>Government buildings, banks, shopping malls, entertainment centres, markets, hospitals and schools are being heavily guarded by police and other security personnel.

Police publicist Asuman Mugenyi says as the country marks the second year in which terrorists killed Ugandans at Lugogo and Kabalagala while watching the finals of the World Cup, the public should be aware that the terrorism threat is still a major security concern to the country and it is a growing problem which is affecting the entire world.

“Terrorism destroys life and property. The Uganda Police supported by other sister security agencies have increased visibility not only in Kampala Capital City but the country at large in form of foot, motorized patrols and general vigilance to prevent any possible terrorist attack,” he says.

“In collaboration with hotel owners, places of entertainments, shopping malls and markets, we have enhanced security in these places,” adds Mugenyi.

He further states though these measures are in place, the public should remain vigilant to ensure security within their surroundings.

“Physical security measures alone, cannot exhaustively and effectively fight terrorism. The fight against terrorism is a social responsibility through collective effort to eradicate the problem.”

Public places are bound to be areas of interest to such criminal minded people, according to Mugenyi.

“While your own interest is paramount to you, you should also be concerned about what happens around you. The observations you make will go a long way in improving your own security and security of those around you,” he cautions.

“Be suspicious of the following items; unexpected gifts, abandoned bags, polythene bags (buveera), suitcases, briefcases, suspiciously parked motor vehicles, watches, strange wires loosely attached to such places like doors, windows of houses or motor vehicles,” adds Mugenyi.

“You should also watch out for suspicious looking people around you. Effectiveness of Police surveillance measures depend upon the public support, without the public’s support we are bound to achieve very little in our fight against terrorism,” he emphasizes.

“If we all work together, we shall defeat the terrorist.”

Police have also issued toll-free help lines for any assistance in case of any suspicious objects or any suspected criminal elements in ones’ area.

They are 0800199699, or 0800199399, or 0800199139, or 0800122291.


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