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Uganda’s Kyle Survives Eviction


treatment geneva;”>Malonza’s brother did not mince his words as he shared his disapproval for his brother’s womanising ways.

healing geneva;”>It is no secret that Alex is not a fan of Junia and Malonza relationship he previously shared that he believes that their pairing is nothing but an illusion.

The gents had a lengthy discussion about all of the girls that Malonza has been with in the show.

“He used to kiss Edith and sleep next to her,” Keagan chimed in. “And then there was Jannette,” Kyle added.

“He was a confused boy,” all of the boys agreed.

Uganda had earlier come to a standstill, with many fearing that star Kyle Duncan could be evicted.

After that the lads shared their two cents on the results of the night’s evictions.

According to Keitta, Junia is more entertaining than Lady May and he was surprised that Africa chose to vote for the songbird over her fellow Namibian.

StarGame’s most loved up couple is no more.

On Sunday night, Junia and Malonza became the latest Housemates to bid farewell to the Big Brother House.

While the Eviction gods smiled upon Lady May, Goldie, Prezzo and Kyle unfortunately for the StarGame sweethearts tonight was the end of the road of their journey inside of the Big Brother House.

After StarGame presenter IK announced Malonza as the third Housemate to be evicted from Upville, Junia broke down as her man headed out of the House, little did she know that just moments later she too would be headed for Homeville.

After IK revealed that she was leaving, she let out a sigh of relief and whispered. “At least I am leaving with him.”

On the Live Show Eviction stage Malonza shared that their relationship was the one thing that brought him joy inside of the Big Brother House.

“I am happy, because of Junia,” he said fondly.

It is clear that these two have genuine feelings for one another and now they finally have a chance to see if their love is more than an illusion as Malonza’s brother Alex claimed, for both their sakes we hope that Alex is wrong.

How Africa Voted

Here is how Africa voted this week (8 July 2012) – We bid farewell to Junia and Malonza.

Here’s who which country voted for:

Angola: Junia

Botswana: Lady May

Ghana: Goldie

Kenya: Prezzo

Liberia: *Goldie / Lady May

Malawi: Kyle

Namibia: Lady May

Nigeria: Goldie

South Africa: Lady May

Sierra Leone: Lady May

Tanzania: Prezzo

Uganda: Kyle

Zambia: Malonza

Zimbabwe: Lady May

Rest of Africa: Goldie

Total: Lady May = 5.5; Goldie = 3.5, Prezzo = 2, Kyle = 2, Malonza = 1, Junia = 1. (Total: 15 Votes)

*Goldie and Lady May shared a vote for Liberia.


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