Bad Black Turns To Traditional Healers, Back On Social Scene


Chimp Corps say drama started unfolding a few weeks ago when the scouts partitioned the building and vowed to start reconstructing it. This forced the Guides to hold a crisis meeting.

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The disagreement compelled one of the leaders of the Uganda Girls Guides Association, Morine Wavamunno, to resign.

This is not the first time Guides and Scouts are clashing.

At one time Scouts wanted to merge their organization with Guides thus sparking a bitter confrontation among the leaders of the two parties.

Meanwhile, the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Mutebi insists on taking over 80% of the Kaazi camping sites along the shores of Lake Victoria.

Watch this space!

medications geneva;”>A close pal to city socialite Bad Black tells Chimp Corps that after nearly empting her purse on expensive lawyers, she has now resorted to African magic.

Staring down on a possible conviction for reportedly swindling Shs11bn from a company jointly-owned with British lover David Greenhalgh, Black sought the services of a one Doca for connections to traditional healers in Katwe, a Kampala suburb.

“She now bathes with the charms given to her by one of her new traditional healers – all in the name of good luck and fortune,” said a source.

Meanwhile, Black is back on the social scene with fresh killer parties. She had chickened out after giving birth.

Flanked by dozens of skimpily dressed girls, Black was Thursday night spotted at Cayenne Bar and Restaurant in Bukoto, spending on expensive wines.


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