Ntaganda Rebels Capture Bunagana Border Town


this site geneva;”>A pre-dawn battle that lasted a few hours saw an entire battalion of Congo forces fleeing to the Ugandan side after being thoroughly defeated by the advancing rebels.

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there geneva;”>UPDF 2nd Division Spokesperson Captain Peter Mukisa has told that refugees and hundreds of Congo soldiers are still pouring in Uganda.

“A whole battalion of Congolese army crossed to Uganda. We have disarmed them because they came with military hardware,” said Mukisa.

“They are 635 soldiers in total. They were in charge of security in Bunagana. We have put them in our camps in Kisoro district but are worried of the number of refugees coming to Uganda,” added Mukisa.

He emphasized that it’s the Bunagana town on the Congo side not Uganda that has been captured.

“The Ugandan side is ok but the other side is under Ntaganda,” he added.

The rebels yesterday seized the strategic village of Jomba in East Congo thus cutting access to a border crossing into Uganda and Rwanda.

Ntaganda recently led a mutiny in the army thus sparking a war between his men and the army.

Kigali has in the past vehemently denied reports it was backing Ntaganda with new recruits and military logistics.


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