BBA 2014

Uganda’s Kyle, Jannette In Sex Talk


site geneva; font-size: small;”>After trying to argue that men with swag get laid easily, Jannette disagreed and wanted to know the type of women these guys are attracted to.

Alex said for him, sexual attraction is physical; “nothing more, nothing less.”

Kyle on the other hand said he was very choosy when it comes to the women he lays. Jannette asked Kyle to give him at least two qualities that he goes for in women and he confidently said; “educated and good looking”.

Alex tried arguing that broke guys are smart but Jannette didn’t buy that and queried; “If you’re smart, why are you broke?”

It looks like this is just one of those debates that can go on and on but all in all, it was a welcome distraction from the usual even though the guys were a bit exposed.

Meanwhile, Jannette took a moment from all the craziness and spoke to Keitta about her frustrations.

The Ugandan Housemate had some one-on-one time with Keitta in the bedroom where she confessed how frustrated she has been over the past couple of days.

“Keitta, I have so many emotions, despite the fact that this is a competition. I really cannot say no to people,” she said, without pin-pointing anyone in particular.

Jannette told Keitta she does not want to be a robot when it comes to her dealings with people in the House.

“I have emotions and I can’t just ignore people when they need my help. I even feel bad when cats die,” she told him.

What is it that could be bothering Jannette so much? Could it have anything with Malonza/Junia situation?


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