FASHION: What You Need To Know About Leggings


They are more of a college style of dressing in Uganda. Mostly casual and rarely formal kind of apparel but if you work in a laid back atmosphere you could probably get away with it.

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How to wear leggings

For a casual job you could pair them up with boots, heels, ballet flats and a little dress preferably black or navy.

This helps tone down the outfit; bright colors might be too much.

For a night out with the girls or that special someone, think of accessories like beaded necklaces, scarves, tunics, boots and a nice jacket.

For a summer breezy look, try leggings in different colors with floral shirt dresses, shades, a hat, sandals, gladiators and nice beaded jewelry.


Leggings are around to stay (at least for a few more years). We should refresh our minds on how to wear them right.

1. Leggings aren’t pants! Do not wear leggings with short tops. The last thing one wants to see is your entire thighs and bum exposed for all to see. You will look like you forgot half of your outfit even if you look like famous super model Sienna Miller.

2. Lacy leggings or floral leggings are not okay; especially for a casual job leave them for your 4 year old daughter

3. Leggings underneath jean skirts are only acceptable for aerobics or teenagers between the ages of 13 to15 if you aren’t any of the above it’s better you stay clear of this.

4. Do not wear leggings with over sized skirts, dresses or dress shirts. If the dress shirt is loose wear a belt, it gives a slimmer and more fitting look.

Although, leggings in Uganda are more of a thing for the youth, if you are over 40 you can still enjoy this exciting trend. Just team up your leggings with a long cardigan, a little dress that’s slightly above the knee and keep clear of bright floral colors. You want to define class not mid life crisis.


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